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1906 Wood Harmon Map of New York City (w- Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn ^ Queens) - Geographicus - NewYork-woodharmon-1906

This is a real estate map of New York City issued by the Wood Harmon company in 1906. Depicts the greater New York area, including parts of New Jersey and all five boroughs, with a focus on advancing the real estate interests of the Wood Harmon firm. Notes real estate values at various distances from New York’s City Hall. Lots in Staten Island could be purchased for pittance at 190 to 290 USD, lots in Jamaica Queens were selling from 500 to 1000 USD, and in the Washington Heights and the Bronx from 2,000 to 10,000 USD. Also notes ferries, tunnels, and proposed bridges. Prepared in 1906 by Robet A. Welcke of William Street, New York, for the real estate firm of Wood, Harmon & Co.

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