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Europe in 1236 A.D.
Approximate extent of Mongolian Empire at its height in 1279 compared to modern countries
Ebstorfer World Map, T-O-Design - around the year 1300
The Vinland Map -a 15th century Mappa Mundi, redrawn from a 13th century original. Drawn with black ink on animal skin
Hereford Mappa Mundi c. 1300. Currently on display at Hereford Cathedral in Hereford, England, It is the largest medieval map known still to exist
Constantinople in the 13th C. by French Artist Antoine Helbert
This is how Europe looked like in the 13th century
The Carte Pisane from the 13th century, the oldest extant portolan chart
A map of the Crusader city of Acre in the 13th century
Europe - 1210 AD
The Netherlands in 1300 vs The Netherlands today
Western Europe: 1300 Vs 1900
The oldest surviving Ptolemaic world map, redrawn according to his 1st projection by monks at Constantinople under Maximus Planudes around 1300
The different cultures in Greenland, Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland and the Canadian arctic islands in the years 900, 1100, 1300 & 1500
The Mongolian empire at its territorial peak (1279)
Mongol Empire in 1294
Crown of Aragon 1209-1446
Hereford Mappa Mundi (circa 1285) overlaid with modern country borders
The Mongol Empire circa. 1260
Map of present-day Czechia in 623 AD, 843, 907, 1243, 1619, and 1938.
The expansion of the Majapahit Empire (1293-1527) |
Number of witch trial deaths in Western countries between 1300 and 1800
Angevin Empire 1150 - 1214
The Kingdom of Georgia from 1184–1230, at the peak of its territorial expansion.
Short-lived Georgian Empire (13th century AD)
The medieval Ani, the city of 1001 churches. Located in Western Armenia, it was sacked by the Mongols in 1236 AD and started a period of decadence after an earthquake in 1319 AD. Its remains are today a UNESCO heritage site.
Charlemagne's Frankish Empire, 771–814 andThe Holy Roman Empire, 936–1250
The Norwegian fleet levy in 1270 ad. by region.
Knights Templar Commanderies in Europe circa 1300 AD
Asia - 1300
Europe 1210 by Cyowari on DeviantArt
The decline and fall of the Mongol Empire, 1300-1600
Hand drawn map of Europe 1211
Europe North Africa and the near East circa 1300
The state of the Teutonic Order in 1260
Balkans and Western Anatolia A.D. 1300
Map of The Crusades, 1096-1204
13th century Medieval European map
Map of present-day Poland in 967, 1239, 1411, 1635, 1815 and 1921.
Marco Polo Rides the Silk Road to China (1271-1295)
The Lincolnshire Coastline in the 13th Century
Baltic, 1300ᴬᴰ
The growth of the Old Swiss Confederation from 1291 to the 16th Century
Map of present-day Slovakia in 380 AD, 623, 895, 1243, 1663, and 1938.
The first, second, third and unclassified worlds based on inequality adjusted HDI (1257 X 648)
Map of the Second Bulgarian Empire (around 1200-1240 AD)
Europe around A.D. 1250
Europe AD 1210
Kingdom of Scotland in 1286
Paris Transit Flows (1600 × 1300)
Genghis Khan's Khaganate upon his death in 1227
Kingdom of Bohemia and realm of Ottokar II at its greatest extent (1272)
The Norwegian Kingdom at its greatest extent, c. 1265
Expansion of Mongol Empire in 13th Century
Historical map of regions and kingdoms in the Horn of Africa circa 1300-1600
Ancient Middle East - 1225 BC
Crown of Aragon AD 1209-1446
Territorial expansion of Lithuania 1219-1352
Terra Mariana: Medieval Livonia circa. 1260
Ottoman Empire in 1300, one year after their foundation
Map of Ethiopia, circa 1300
Dutch Reclaimed Land 1300 - 2000
The Late Bronze Age collapse, 1250-1150 BC
Map of present-day Greece in 1600 BC, 417 BC, 338 BC, 45 AD, 903, 1242, 1314, 1832 and 1912.
Islamic World, circa 1206
The extend of the Norwegian church in 1250. The archdiocese of Niðaróss.
French King Philippe-Auguste’s kingdom (1180-1223)
Knights Hospitallers property in the German tongue (=province) around 1300
Caucasus in 1213 AD
Map of Trebizond Empire, c. 1300.
Growth of Habsburg Dominions 1282-1914
The Teutonic State along the shores of the Baltic Sea, 1260 AD, during the crusade against the pagan tribes of Old Prussia
Starting regions in Medieval Kingdoms 1212 (game mod)
Trade Routes of Southeast Asia 12-13th Century
Georgian invasion of northern Iran 1208-1210
The Empire of Kublai Khan and rival empires circa 1294
The Sultanate of Rome, c.1100-1243
Rise of the mongol empire, 1206–1294
Ancient Middle East - 1275 BC
Mongol Empire, AD 1294.
Grand Duchy of Lithuania Circa. 1260-1430
Percent of adults who identify as transgender in the United States (2016) 1200×1201]
The Almohad Caliphate, which ruled in North Africa and Spain between 1121-1269
1800`s Historical Maps of Europe (1628 × 1273)
India before Alauddin Khilji's campaign (1250-1300)
China in 618-1279 and under Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
Map of the mainland of Southeast Asia around 13th century, showing northern Laos as a part of the kingdom of Sukhothai
Baltic region in 1260's during Northern Crusades
Mongol Invasion of Europe 1237-1242
Mongol Empire after Hulagu 1279
London and the British Isles. Circa - 1300
Map of territory of Polish Silesian Piasts(1201-1241)
Kindom of Sukhothai and its neighboring states in the 13th century
Map of Gagauzia, an autonomous region within Moldova. Home to the Gagauz people, who descended from Seljuq Turks settling in Dobruja in the 13th century
Lasercut 3D Topographic wood map of the world at 1279
Map of Britain from c.1250. Demonstrates the great importance of rivers for navigation, and for regional boundaries/identity of the period
Hereford Mappa Mundi- A T and O styled world map from c. 1300
2014 Index of Economic Freedom (1280*661]
Prussian clans of the 13th Century AD
Iberian Peninsula from 1257 to 1492
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