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The Catalan Atlas, one of the most lavish and famous of all medieval world maps (1375)
The Gough Map of Great Britain, about probably about 1360 (much easier to view/searchable source in comments)
I Made a Map of the Old World in 1360
England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 where they came from
Atlas catalan de 1375 - Eastern Mediterranean, Western Asia and Northeastern Africa
How people type "hahahahaha" in some parts of the world (2500*1346)
The Holy Roman Empire in 1356
Europe (Detailed) - AD 1378 -
The world in the year 1400
Europe 1330 AD
The Western Schism 1378-1417
WWE has produced 1345 episodes of RAW and here is a map that shows which state had the most
Ancient Middle East - 1375 BC
UN member countries condemning Zionism as "a form of racism and racial discrimination" in 1975 [1357 x 628)
1346-1353 spread of the Black Death
The medieval Ani, the city of 1001 churches. Located in Western Armenia, it was sacked by the Mongols in 1236 AD and started a period of decadence after an earthquake in 1319 AD. Its remains are today a UNESCO heritage site.
Clay map of Nippur, Iraq from 1400 BC
Map of The Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean in the 14th Century BC
The Holy Roman Empire, 1400 C.E.
The Serbian Empire under Stefan Dušan, 1350
The Battle of Crécy (1346), a victory of the English over the larger French and Genoese armies in the Hundred Years War
Serbian Empire 1355
The Religion of Ethiopia 1350
Extent of the Mamluk Sultanate under Sultan an-Nasir Muhammad, 1317 A.D.
Hittite Empire around 1350 BCE, its greatest extent
Map of present-day Ukraine in 960 AD, 1362, 1739, and 2014
The Age of Discovery and European Expansion (1340-1600)
Europe AD 1330
Western church schism 1378-1417, countries with allegiance to Pope in Rome and Pope in Avignon
Territory under the control of the Přemyslids, circa. 1301
1375 Map of Europe, North Africa and the Levant in Abraham Cresques’s Catalan Atlas.
Europe in 1400 ad
The geography of terrorism - monthly deaths between 2012 and 2016 (1320 × 1023 animated gif)
Anatolia circa 1330
Largest English towns and cities in 1377
43 Million people VS 1343 million people
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, 1199-1375 AD
Medieval Map of Europe, 1375
Mycenaean Greece (1400-1100 BC)
Commandries and other Possessions of the Teutonic Order in 1400.
The Second Byzantine Civil War (1352-1357)
Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo, 1317
The Balkans In 1355
Phases of German eastward expansion, 700–1400
The Norse settlements in eastern Greenland, 14th Century
Part of the Catalan Atlas, created in 1375 by Abraham Cresques, a Jewish cartographer from Palma, Majorca.
The Catalan Atlas, made in 1375, was the most accurate map of the middle ages
Place names in Norway translated to English (1310 × 926)
Balkans in the late 14th century
The Balkans and Anatolia in 1355 AD
Turkish Conquests in Balkans in 14th century
Territorial expansion of Lithuania 1219-1352
Spread of the Black Death in Europe from 1347 to 1351
The British Isles, 1400. Colourised
The domains of the Golden Horde in 1389
Map of present-day Greece in 1600 BC, 417 BC, 338 BC, 45 AD, 903, 1242, 1314, 1832 and 1912.
State of the Teutonic Order 1308-1455
Europe and the Hanseatic League, A.D. 1400
The Mongol States during the Travels of Ibn Battuta 1325-1354
Standard of Grenade after Cresques Atlas s XIV
The Holy Roman Empire under Charles IV 1355-1378
Japan during the Muromachi Period (1360)
Exploration and colonization of European Empires 1400-1600
Anatolia, 14th century
South Balkans in 1355
Europe Mediterranean Catalan Atlas
Germany at the death of Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. 1378
German Colonisation in the East to 1400
Islamic World in 1400 CE
The Voyages of Chinese Explorer Zheng He between 1405-1433
China in 618-1279 and under Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
The Mamluks and the Ottomans, c.1382-1517
Serbian Empire 1346-1371 AD
Kingdom of Georgia & Genoese trading posts c. 1350
Territories and Holdings of the Knights Hospitaller in AD1300. Note that Rhodes wouldn’t be conquered until 1306-1310
Balkan States and Anatolian Beyliks - 1328
Empires and Exploration, 1400 - 1600
Genetic Similarity of an Ottoman Era Turk (1400-1600 AD) to modern day Europeans and Asians
The temporary state of Franklin (northeastern TN) 1784-9, (1340 X 1029)
Evolution of the Port of Rotterdam, 1400-2030
Medieval Chinese Map: Da Ming Hunyi Tu (trans.: Amalgamated Map of the Great Ming), 1389.
The Mali Empire at the end of Mansa Musa's Reign (1337 CE) - Map by Gabriel Moss
Aramaic language and Syriac Christianity in the Middle East and Central Asia until being largely annihilated by Tamerlane in the 14th century
Mansa Musa
Holy Roman Empire 1400
Ancient Middle East - 1325 BC
Catalan Atlas, 1375 (Iberian Peninsula and NW Africa). Shortly after the death of Ibn Battuta. Mansa Musa is shown sitting on a throne with gold accessories.
England and her cities in 1377 (beginning of Richard II's reign)
Total wealth brought into counties by England's Immigrants 1330-1550
Late Middle Ages, Europe, 1328
Catalan Atlas, 1375
Serbian Empire at it's peak in 1355 vs modern day Serbia
Regional feudal lords within Serbian Empire, 1360
Map of africa found on a traveler passing through Byzantine empire (year ~1194-1308)
Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region (1380-1560)
Map of Europe during the Signing of the Golden Bull - 1356 - OC
Ausbreitung der Hanse um das Jahr 1400-Droysens 28
Zweibruecken 1400
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