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1450 Map of the World by Venetian monk Fra Mauro. The map depicts Asia, Africa and Europe
Korea's first world map created during the Joseon dynasty in 1402
Genoese World Map 1457
The geographical distribution of ethnic groups in the world in 1500 and 1800 (published 1890)
The earliest surviving marine chart of the New World: the La Cosa chart (circa 1500)
The Vinland Map -a 15th century Mappa Mundi, redrawn from a 13th century original. Drawn with black ink on animal skin
Mediaeval map of Constantinople, 1422 / by Cristoforo Buondelmonti, a Florentine cartographer
Italy in 1494
The Island of Ireland 1450
Ethnicities in America in 1500, before European settlement (published 1892)
European countries where Jews were allowed to exist in 1500
Ptolemy's World Map - 1482
Early 15th century Borgia world map. Africa is at the top of the map, with Europe at the bottom right
Historical Map of England during the Wars of the Roses 1455-1485
Map of Europe in 1500
Remarkably detailed reconstruction of Dublin as it looked around 1500
Bristol, England, 1478. From The Maire of Bristowe is Kalendar by Robert Ricart, common clerk of Bristol (1478 to 1506)
Maps showing the progression of the Christian “Reconquista” of Moorish Iberia, from 910 to 1492
Brazil 1500
Map of Europe, 1500 C.E.
1420 Byzantine Copy of Ptolemy's World Map.
1500 map of Europe and Anatolia where Jewish people were allowed.
Bar to grocery store ratio (1484 × 997)
Hand-Drawn Map of Europe in 1444
Lithuania at its peak (1420)
The 4th European Map, depicting Greater Germany, from Ptolemy's Geography. Drawn in 1450, engraved in 1491
Europe in 1440.(Not colorized yet)
Europe 1444(Not so accurate,especially the H.R.E)
1491 Mer des Hystoires World Map
Languages of Scotland around the early 15th Century
Major patterns of human migration since 1500
Europe 1444
The different cultures in Greenland, Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland and the Canadian arctic islands in the years 900, 1100, 1300 & 1500
Europe (Detailed) - AD 1444 - EU4-like Colours
Barbari's view of Venice, c. 1500
Inca Expansion (1438–1527)
Map of the world by Fra Mauro, c.1450. (South is up)
15th Century Portolan Map of the Mediterranean & Black Sea by Petrus Roselli x-post /r/HI_Res
Ptolemy's world map, reconstituted from Ptolemy's Geography (circa 150) in the 15th century, indicating "Sinae" (China) at the extreme right, beyond the island of "Taprobane" (Sri Lanka, oversized) and the "Aurea Chersonesus" (Southeast Asian peninsula).
The “Columbus map”, drawn in the workshop of Bartolomeo and Christopher Columbus in Lisbon, Portugal. ca. 1490
Timur's empire upon his death in 1405
Europe (and surrounding areas) in 1444 A.D.
Crown of Aragon 1209-1446
The greatest extent of Jagiellonian dynasty (end of 15th century)
Revised Europe and Surrounding Areas in 1444 (this time with an HRE!)
Map of the Atlantic Ocean as imagined in 1474. This is most probably what Columbus was expecting to find. (American real outline in the background)
Map of all territories of the Portuguese Empire 1419-1999
Map of Europe, 1500
This is a map of Europe in 1444. It took me several hours to make, so please like it.
Europe (Detailed) - AD 1468
Europe 1460 AD
Kingdom of France in 1477
Overview of the Slave Trade out of Africa, 1500-1900
India states compared to countries of similar GDP (1486 X 1734)
Europe in 1490 (at the end of the reign of King Matthias Cornivus of Hungary)
The Western Schism 1378-1417
Holy Roman Empire in 1444
Italy 1494
Maximum expansion of the Crown of Aragon in the Mediterranean Sea (1442)
The Reconquista (722-1492)
The World in 1450
Bruneian Empire at its territorial peak (1500)
Map of the southern Balkans and western Anatolia in 1410
The Vinland Map. This controversial "15th century Norse" map will soon undergo new tests to determine its origin and authenticity
Map of Europe, January 1500
1474 Map of the Atlantic Ocean according to Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, Transcribed on a Modern Map of the Americas.
Population of Europe in 1444
Europe at the end of Matthias Corvinus' reign in 1490
Vasco de Gama's first voyage to India 1497-1499
The Reconquista (AD 722 - 1492) by Undevicesimus
Map of Italy in 1499
Adult literacy in Europe 1500-1800
Map of African Slave Trade 1500-1900
Hand Drawn Map of France in 1477
India 1500’s
Ottoman Empire - The Reign of Mehmed II (1481)
Viking Scotland 1104-1469
Nicolaus Germanus's 1467 manuscript copy of Ptolemy's world map
Volume and direction of the trans-Atlantic slave trade from all African to all American regions between 1500-1860.
When women got the right to vote in individual countries (1440×974)
Cities where the oldest printing offices in Europe were located (red, before 1480 - green, between 1480 and 1500)
Europe in 1444 AD
Western church schism 1378-1417, countries with allegiance to Pope in Rome and Pope in Avignon
/r/Empirepowers Map of Europe 1500
The Italian Wars (1494 -1538)
The Monegasque Empire at its territorial peak (15th century to 1861)
LIDAR (laser scanning) image showing 1500 years worth of movement for the Willamette River in Oregon.
Detailed map of The Holy Roman Empire in 1477
Crimea in the middle of the 15th century
Here a map made by me of the Iberian Peninsula at the end of 15th century - the end of European Middle Age
Fra Mauro made this map in 1450. The other picture is an image of the Earth from space.
Map of present-day Poland in 967, 1239, 1411, 1635, 1815 and 1921.
Austria, c. January, 1500 CE
New Kingdom of Egypt | 1425 BCE
The Italian Peninsula in 1494 -
The Ottoman Empire 1481 to 1683
USA Light Emissions Map 2970 X 1482
The imaginary island of Frisland on Mercator's Arctic Map 1623. Frisland appeared in most maps of the north Atlantic from the mid 15th century to the mid 16th century
The end of Al-Andalus (1139-1492)
Map of French duchies and domains in 1477
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