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Population Density of the Roman Empire - 1st century
The Celtic Tribes and People from ca. 500 BC to 58 BC and AD 50
An accurate view of ancient Pompeii before it was destroyed by an eruption in AD 79
Reconstruction of Pomponius Mela's World Map (1st Century CE) by Konrad Miller, 1898
European Tribes documented by the Romans and the Greeks (1st Century BC-AD)
Population map of ancient China, per an empire-wide census made in 2 AD
Per capita income in the provinces of The Roman Empire in 14 AD in todays dollars
Greek geographer Strabo's map of the world,in his book Geographica, 7 BC to 23 AD
Map Showing How the Ancient Romans Envisioned the World in 40 AD
Europe - AD 5
Extent of the Roman and Han Empires in 1 AD
230 Million Population At 1 AD Cartograph
Historical evolution of the Danube Delta (AD 1-2015)
Area speaking the Basque language, 1st century BC - present
The world according to Pomponius Mela, the earliest Roman geographer (circa 43 AD). Reconstructed by Konrad Miller in 1898.
Map of the world in 2 AD according to EU4: Extended Timeline Mod
Europe at 26 AD Roman empire and its client states
Trading Routes Used Around the 1st Century CE Centered on the Silk Road
Map of present-day Greece in 1600 BC, 417 BC, 338 BC, 45 AD, 903, 1242, 1314, 1832 and 1912.
The spread of Buddhism along the trade routes, 1st Century AD
Germanic Peoples 750 BC - AD 50
Europe at 36 AD
Germanic Peoples ca. 750 BC - AD 50
Roman Gaul in the 1st century AD
Germanic tribes around 50 AD
Map of names, routes and locations of the "Periplus of the Erythraean Sea", written in Greek 1st Century AD
Trade in the 1st Century CE according to the 'Periplus of the Red Sea'
Linguistic Map of the Paleo-Balkan Languages, c. 1st century BC
Map of Roman Empire at 9 AD
Map of the world by Ptolemy, made around 100 AD
Europe at 60 AD
Roman Legions by the end of Augustus Caesar's rule, circa 14 AD.
The Eastern Hemisphere in 1 AD
Parthian Empire in 1 AD
1865 Spruner Map Israel or Palestine post 70 AD
Cometa qui anno Christi 1742 apparuit ex observationibus a die 13 Marty usque ad 15 Aprilis by Matthäus Seutter
The Balkans in 20 AD (by Strabo)
Ethnolinguistic map of Northern Europe around 1 AD
1865 Spruner Map Israel or Palestine ante 70 AD
Map of North America 20 AD
Jerusalem in the 1st century, and as you can see, there's no dome of the rock.
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