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A 1482 recreation of a map from Ptolemy's Geography (2nd century) showing the "Oceanus Germanicus", Great Britain & Ireland
Roman Empire at its greatest extent under Trajan in 117 AD
The Roman city of Londinium around AD 200
Map of the roman empire, Traijan's empire, so europe and the Mediterranean basin about 117 AD. 6 hours flight east to west. senatus populusque romanus
The ancient city of Petra at the height of its splendor, in the 2nd-3rd century AD; first built by the Nabataeans around 300 BC, it later became the capital of the Roman frontier province Arabia Petraea in 106 AD, flourishing for the next two centuries in the heart of the desert
Map of the Population in Ancient China, c.a.140 AD following a national census
Roman Empire in 117 AD
The Roman Empire in 117 AD
The Roman Empire and other held territories in 117 AD
Detailed map of Europe in 117 AD (Greatest extent of the Roman Empire)
Europe - 120 AD
The Roman Empire in 117 AD
The expansion of the Roman Empire to AD 117
Europe - Mediterranean (Detailed) - AD 120
Map of industry and trade across Ancient Rome, around 180 AD
The Celts - Britain and Ireland - 58 BC-AD 150
The Roman Empire at her peak 117 AD. How beautiful are those borders 😍
Xiongnu Empire, eastern Central Asia, ca 200 AD
Romanisation and the extent of civil boundaries in Britain ca. 140 AD
Modern Borders of Balkan Over Roman Provinces in 117 AD
Continental Coast c. 150 AD
Map After Krates Of Mallos- 2nd Century
OC] Roman Empire - AD 116
Trade routes in the Roman Empire circa 200 AD
The Roman Empire in 117 AD, and surrounding nations
Viae Romanae map, 125 AD, with major road arteries - link in comments for details
A Ptolemaic world map circa 150 AD, This is a reconstructed version made in the 15th century
Europe, 177 AD.
An Aksumite Ethiopian King conquests of various tribes and peoples across his realm, 2nd century
Roman Air Bases in 2nd Century AD
Spread of Christianity by the time of Irenaeus (185 AD/CE) to Constantine (325 AD/CE) in the Roman Empire
PSM V16 D508 Map of ptolemy 150 ad
1915 Roman Empire 200 AD Bartholomew
Peoples of Northern Britain according to Ptolemy (C. 2nd Century)
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