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Korean world map centered on the legendary Mount Meru in Central Asia - mid 4th century
Tabula Peutingeriana, 1-4th century CE. Facsimile edition by Konrad Miller, 1887/1888.
Europe - 330 AD
The Barbarian Migrations AD 358-568
The administrative divison of the Roman Empire in AD 395
The Roman Legions by the End of Theodosius Rule, Circa. 400 AD
Map of present-day Slovakia in 380 AD, 623, 895, 1243, 1663, and 1938.
Europe AD 330
The Roman Empire about 395 AD
1715 map of the Eastern Roman Empire under Constantine (c. 330 AD) by Guillaume De L'Isle
Migrations of barbarians and areas of settlement of Germanic tribes. 4th century and 5th century.
The Roman Empire Administrative Divisions in 395 AD
Armenia in the 4th Century
Spread of Christianity by the time of Irenaeus (185 AD/CE) to Constantine (325 AD/CE) in the Roman Empire
The Historical Theater in the Year 400 AD, in Which Both Romans and Barbarians Resided Side by Side in the Eastern Part of the Roman Empire
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