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The World according to Eratosthenes, 220 BC
Ancient Macedonia during the Hellenistic Age 334 BC
Roman Conquest of Italy
Itay 400 BC
Achaemenid Empire - 552-336 BC
Empire of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC
Empire of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC
Italian Peninsula circa 400 BC.
The Diadochi 303 BC
The Empire of Alexander the Great to 323 BC
Map of present-day Greece in 1600 BC, 417 BC, 338 BC, 45 AD, 903, 1242, 1314, 1832 and 1912.
Map of the Greek Empire 323 BC
Map of Diadochi kingdoms after The Battle of Ipsos 301 BC.
Syracusan Holdings in 394 BC, during the Second Sicilian War
The Diadochi 303 BC
Paeonia, c. 350 BC
A map of North China in 350 BC, with reconstructed Old Chinese pronunciations.
Alexander - a history of the origin and growth of the art of war from earliest times to the battle of Ipsus, B.C. 301- with a detailed account of the campaigns of the great Macedonian (1890) (14797936973)
The real names of Chinese states & major cities in 350 BC, in Old Chinese
Empire of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC
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