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Hispania - Regnum Gothorum - AD 475-711
Federal Roman Empire: After the Crisis of the 5th Century (c 600)
A modern depiction of the known world as described by Herodotus in the 5th century BC.
End of the Western Roman Empire, 476 AD
Europe in 476 AD
Watercolor Painting of the Peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean, circa 5th Century, B.C.E.
Languages of the 5th century BC, coloured by whether they have a living descendant
Europe 480 AD
Europe and the Near East in 476 AD
Asia, 500 AD
Ostrogothic Kingdom AD 493-553
Empire of Attila the Hun, 450 AD -- Map from William R. Shepherd
Map of Europe 500 AD
Iran, Sassanid Empire, 5th Century AD
Europe - 420 AD
Turmoil in the Western Roman Empire, 409 AD
Map of the Suebian territories at their greatest extent in the Iberian Peninsula, ca. 455 AD
1855 Spruner Map of Asia in the 5th Century
Europe AD 480
Angles, Saxons, Jutes original homelands and migrations 400-500 AD
India, mid 5th century (Peak of the Gupta Empire under Kumaragupta I)
Migrations of barbarians and areas of settlement of Germanic tribes. 4th century and 5th century.
Map of the first Burgundian Kingdom between 443 and 476 AD
States governed by Christian rulers (both Arian and Catholic) in 495 AD
Britain in 500 AD
Korea during the Three Kingdom Period ~5th century
Thuringia and the History of Thuringia from AD 500 to 2016
Migrations and areas of settlement of Germanic tribes in 4th and 5th century
A map of the kingdoms of south western Europe ca. 500 AD
The extent of the Western Roman Empire from 476 to 477 AD
1855 Spruner Map of Asia in the 5th Century ( Sassanid Empire ) - Geographicus - AsienFunften-spruneri-1855
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