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1912 German Map of Antarctica
Antarctica: Exploration and Claims As Of 1 February 1956
German Antarctica Map, 1912
1906 Antarctica Map published by Justus Perthes in Germany
Map of Antarctica, American Geographical Society 1956
Map of Shackleton and the Endurance's Journey to Antarctica
A map of the world from the 1915 Atlas of Canada showing colonial possessions, major maritime routes, and the incompletely-mapped Arctic and Antarctic.
Antarctic Regions 1932
Antarctic Treaty signatories, 1984
Antarctica map
Antarctica 1912 edit
A 1984 map of the Antarctic Treaty signatories produced by the US Government that uses a rather interesting projection of the world.
C85135s1 Ant.Map Leverett Glacier
Bathymetric map of the Circum-Antarctic Region - 1991
Map of Antarctica with Neuschwabenland
Royal-geographical-society geographical-journal 1914 macquarie-island-antarctica 1381 2000 600
Antarctic Sea Ice Maximum from 1979 to 2016
The Antarctic regions (1904) (19342549246)
1904 Antarctic Expedition Map of Victoria Land and King Edward VII Land, Antarctica - Geographicus - AnarcticExp-mulock-1904
PSM V63 D383 Position of the discovery in the antarctic regions
1956 Antarctica Claims (30252922504)
C86135s1 Ant.Map Mount Blackburn
PSM V74 D521 Map of the antarctic region showing shackleton route
Antarctica - Ross Sea - Txu-pclmaps-oclc-6511808-jnc-124-2
Antarctica 1912
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