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States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County
Germans, backing toward "Inner Fortress" plan to make peace costly ; a 1943 map from the Los Angeles Times
States with a smaller population than Los Angeles county.
California in perspective
1927 Paramount Studio map of potential filming locations in California that best depict international regions
1930 Topographic Map of San Diego, CA
A composite image of a 3D model of San Francisco in 1940. The San Francisco Model is a 42' x 38' (13m x 12m) wooden replica of San Francisco in 158 pieces at a scale of 1 inch to 100 feet. Federal Works Agency, Work Progress Administration from a 1938 aerial survey by Harrison Ryker. (MIC).
The Unique Map Of California (1885)
1650's map of America showing the "Island of California"
The Naval Training Center in San Diego, California is shown is far more detail on a 1980 Soviet Map than on a 1979 USGS Map of the same area. In both maps, the Training Center is lower left
1650 “Mar del Zur Hispanis Mare Pacificum” : the first printed chart of the whole Pacific Ocean and the first map from a Dutch atlas to show California as an island
Map of California Shown as an Island by Joan Vinckeboons. ca. 1650.
from my collection: Johann Homann map of the Americas 1745 (California no longer an island)
Filming locations in California (with photos)
The Island of California (1692)
California and Corfou - similarly shaped islands from maps produced in 1720
Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco
Landsat Composite: Fresno, CA
Los Angeles's proposed subway and busway system, 1955
A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California With The Regions Adjoining (1849)
Evolution of the California drought
Renard's map of the Pacific Ocean circa 1675. Showing California as an Island and important early projections of Australia and New Zealand, showing information from Tasman's two voyages in 1642-1943 and 1644
Physical Map of central & north California (1979)
Propaganda piece from 1888; Liberty begins in Plymouth under the guide of the Bible and takes USA across the Great Plains towards Immortality (i.e. San Francisco); Slavery, on the other hand, starts in Jamestown without any Bible and leads USA on the path to Hades (i.e. Abilene, Texas)
Migration to/from California
S. A. Mitchell Jr.’s 1872 map of California and San Francisco
1902 Japanese Map of California
Very detailed color relief-shaded map of California,
Map of California Island / by Johannes Vingboons (1650)
1720 California or New Carolina
As promised, the Bay Area according to Urban Dictionary
Detailed Cold War-era Soviet military map of the San Francisco Bay area, circa 1980
A 1927 Hollywood Studio map listing different areas of California for shooting different parts of the world
If U.S. states had the same population density as California, what would their size be?
Treaty of Guadalupe gave the US the Mexico's Rio Grande as boundary for Texas, all California, half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans could relocate w/in these new boundaries or get full US citizenship. Mexicans actually belong in US...
1927 Illustrated Tourist Map of California
1916 Geological Map of California -- with 3D elevation by Scott Reinhard
Silicon Valley (1982)
States with a GDP less than the Bay Area.
A Ship Graveyard underneath San Francisco
Animation of optimized routes from San Francisco to ~2,000 locations in the US
Silicon Valley 1986
North America circa 1620, including the "Island of California"
Map of California, but upside down for when driving south.
All these U.S. Counties combined have the same population as Los Angeles County, California
California's Biomes
San Francisco Bay Area - Median Income by BART station 1050x1050
New antique map this September in San Francisco!
Los Angeles metro has a larger GDP than these US states
The optimal road trip to see all the US national parks
The City of San Francisco: Birds Eye View from the Bay Looking South-West (1878)
States with smaller economies than San Francisco Bay Area.
A toponymic fantasy-style map of California
Traffic-free Los Angeles, 22-11-2018
Forest Cover Map of California
States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County
Canada Population Fitted into State of California with Room to Spare
US Metropolitan Subreddits with More Subscribers than r/california (as of 6/29/17)
California's under construction high speed rail network
Israel as the San Francisco Bay Area
Map of US States entirely north of California
Western Air Express San Francisco - Los Angeles 1929
Shaded relief map of California
Countries whose economies are smaller than California's
California Terrain Map
High Resolution Zoning Map of Los Angeles
Planned California High Speed Rail
Topographic elevations map of California
California High-Speed Rail: Where it got votes vs. Where it will go.
Bay Area California (Applegate, 2015). NACIS student map comp winner 2015 (design quality)
What if the US was divided into eight California-sized mega states of (quasi) equal population?
Hand-drawn map of all the counties of California
1927 Paramount Studio Map of Potential Film Shooting Locations in California
California Elevation Map (Higher res in comments)
Map of the Americas (1740) - with the island of California
Norways largest Fjord Sognefjorden over Los Angeles Basin (OC)
San Francisco intersections
Map of Chinatown's Alleyways, San Francisco
Minimalist Population Density Map of California in the Style of Joy Division
Australia is ~19 times bigger than California
incredibly detailed map of California's Rivers and Streams (want it bigger?)
California tribal areas and languages at the time of European contact
Eureka, California in 1902
Migration to and from California
41 states plus D.C. have a smaller population than Los Angeles County, California
The topography of California
After Los Angeles fall into the sea you will have the Bay of LA and the O. Sea.
Ottoman picture of the known world printed around 1730, depicting everything from the island of California to an extremely accurate Australia
Racial distribution in Los Angeles, CA, 2010. Red = White, Blue = Black, Orange = Hispanic, Green = Asian
Long Countries (and California)
Original Counties of California, 1850
Los Angeles County city and community boundaries (Anyone know where to find something similar for all of California?)
if USSR would be restored it would have smaller economy than California
Simulated satellite image of California circa 1851 vs image from 2013
Los Angeles rail system
The Buried Ships of Yerba Buena Cove
California island, 1650
European countries with economy smaller than Los Angeles County
Language other than English spoken at home in California
San Francisco Crime visualized as elevation by Douglas McCune
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