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States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County
States with a smaller population than Los Angeles county.
If U.S. states had the same population density as California, what would their size be?
All these U.S. Counties combined have the same population as Los Angeles County, California
States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County
Canada Population Fitted into State of California with Room to Spare
What if the US was divided into eight California-sized mega states of (quasi) equal population?
Minimalist Population Density Map of California in the Style of Joy Division
41 states plus D.C. have a smaller population than Los Angeles County, California
Map of all states with a smaller population than Los Angeles county (LA county in red)
Asian population in California counties
California divided in four areas with equal population
California as 58 counties of approximately Wyoming-sized population
US Counties with a combined total population to that of Los Angeles County - 2013 Population Data
California Population Density, 2010
State of California Population Compared with the World
The State of California approximately split into four areas of equal population
Countries with smaller populations than Los Angeles County
California Divided by 4, Population
Population density of California with UK equivalents
Interactive 3D Population Density of San Francisco (more in comments)
Decrease in the Black population of South Central Los Angeles 1970-2010
Los Angeles County's population is larger than 10 states + DC combined
Race and ethnicity in the SF Bay Area (part of it anyways) according to 2010 U.S. Census. Each dot is 25 people: White (red), African (blue), Asian (cyan), Hispanic (orange), or Other (yellow).
White Population of California
Daytime population density in the San Francisco Bay Area
Countries with population smaller than California
The United States, Color-Coded by Population Relative yo Los Angeles County, CA.
A comparison of how numerous Californias would fit inside Canada. Despite Canada being 24 times larger, its population is less than that of California.
Even smaller communities used to have light rail systems before World War 2. This 1938 example is from Marin County, CA, north of San Francisco, population 45,000. Passenger service was only restored two years ago, after a 75 year hiatus.
Countries with less population than California
California Counties Divided into Four Equal Population Areas
California Counties in which SB50 (MoreHOMES Act) would fully apply, if passed. (Counties with a population exceeding 600K)
Northern California counties with Western Canadian province population equivalents
california population by counties
The United States, Color-Coded by Population Relative to Los Angeles County, California.
European countries with population larger than California
Population cartogram of California counties
California 3 Largest Metropolitan Populations
Percent of population Hispanic or Latino in California, 2013
California's future population
California divided into 6 different states, all with the same population except for Bakersfield's
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