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A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California With The Regions Adjoining (1849)
Propaganda piece from 1888; Liberty begins in Plymouth under the guide of the Bible and takes USA across the Great Plains towards Immortality (i.e. San Francisco); Slavery, on the other hand, starts in Jamestown without any Bible and leads USA on the path to Hades (i.e. Abilene, Texas)
Treaty of Guadalupe gave the US the Mexico's Rio Grande as boundary for Texas, all California, half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans could relocate w/in these new boundaries or get full US citizenship. Mexicans actually belong in US...
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Top 10 largest economies in 2017 if both California and Texas were nation states
Alaska, California and Texas compared to Australia
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1846 Mitchell's Map of Texas Oregon and California - Geographicus - TXORCA-mitchell-1846
Baja California, UT Austin topographical
A new map of Texas, Oregon, and California with the regions adjoining (9138601936)
The United States the relative position of the Oregon & Texas and California (7557433368)
1851 Tallis Map of Mexico, Texas, and California - Geographicus - MexicoTexas2-tallis-1851
1827 Finley Map of Mexico, Upper California and Texas - Geographicus - Mexico-finely-1827
1852 Duvotenay Map of Mexico ( includes Texas and Upper California ) - Geographicus - Mexique-duvotenay-1852
1818 Pinkerton Map of the American Southwest ( California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas ) - Geographicus - Texas-pinkerton-1818
1810 Tardieu Map of Mexico, Texas and California - Geographicus - Mexique-tardieu-1810
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