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1853 Japanese World Map
Colombia at its territorial peak (1830)
Gran Colombia (1822-1830)
Gran Colombia (1826)
Gran Colombia and its departments (1824)
Colombia & Guayana (1831)
Gran Colombia territorial subdivisions (1824)
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
Plano Topografico de Bogota (1894)
Oregon Country/Columbia District dispute 1818-1846
Map of Chicago for the Worlds Columbian Exposition of 1893
Gran Colombia map 1824
Gran Colombia map
Rutas de los conquistadores de Colombia
Canada provinces 1871-1873
1810 Bogota map by Vicente Talledo y Rivera
British columbia 1896
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Plano de Madrid desde su fundación hasta el dia
Map of San juan bautista (1884)
Gran Colombia 1820, guerras de independencia 1821-23
Mapa de Colombia (1890)
Virreinato de Santafé y Capitanía General de Venezuela
Map of the District of Columbia, 1835
Colombia - Cundinamarca (1886)
Map made by troops after taking San Juan Hill, 1898
Cordoba, Argentina circa 1873
1873 British Columbia
1893 Birds Eye view of Chicago Worlds Columbian Exposition
Mapa del Estado de Antioquia (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Bolívar (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Cundinamarca (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Panamá (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Santander (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Cauca (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
Mapa del Territorio del Caquetá (1865)
1855 Colton Map of Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador - Geographicus - VenezuelaColumbia-colton-1855
Divisiones coloniales de Tierra Firme 1538
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1806-14
Plano de Bogotá 1890
Presidencias de Santafé y Quito
Colombia - Antioquia (1886)
Colombia - Bolívar (1886)
Colombia - Boyacá (1886)
Colombia - Magdalena (1886)
Colombia - Panamá (1886)
Colombia - Santander (1886)
Colombia - Tolima (1886)
Colombia y Ecuador (1890)
British Columbia 1859
The conservation of the wild life of Canada (1921) (14755352502)
India on the march (1922) (14780555801)
Page Plate No. 12; (Map bounded by Ferris St., Columbia St., Furman St., Joracemon St; Including Conover St., Partition St., Vandyke St., Irving St., Sedgwick St.) NYPL1695431
District Columbia. NYPL976257
Boletin de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias en Córdoba (20379690912)
Table of Distances by Rail Road; Post Offices of Columbia County; Population from U.S. Census of 1870; The United States; Principal Government of the World; Time and Distance Table; Mineral NYPL1583014
Plano de medellin año 1875
Map of military road from Fort Walla Walla on the Columbia to Fort Benton on the Missouri (3856251000)
1860 Mitchell's Map of Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia and Argentina - Geographicus - Peru-m-63
Delaware, Sullivan, Greene, Ulster, Orange, Columbia, Dutchess, and Putman Counties NYPL1575781
Mapa topografico de la isla de Puerto Rico; Contornos de Ponce (inset with title of full page map); Mapa de los contornos de San Juan de Puerto Rico (inset); Plano de San Juan de Puerto Rico NYPL1808082
1893 Novelty Cane Map of the Chicago World's Fair or Columbian Exposition - Geographicus - ChicagoWorldsFair-columbiannovelty-1893
1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition map by Union News
Bird's-Eye View of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Map of 1893 World's Columbian Exposition by Rand McNally
The World's Columbian exposition, Chicago, 1893 (1893) (14593088150)
Atlas histórico de Colombia 1890 Texto explicativo - Carta I (2)
Atlas histórico de Colombia 1890 Texto explicativo - Cartas IX a XII
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1815-16-17
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1818-19
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1819-20
Provincias de la Nueva Granada 1851
Territorios de Colombia entre 1843 y 1886
1850 Western District of Columbia
Columbia County.) NYPL433692
Vol. 5. Plate, D. (Map bound by Sands St., U.S. Navy Yard, Portland Ave., Myrtle Ave., Canton St., Bolivar St., Fleet Place, Pearl St., Concord St., Jay St; Including High St., Nassau St., NYPL1627524
Vol. 5. Plate, G. (Map bound by Washington Park, Portland Ave., Atlantic Ave., Fourth Ave., Flatbush Ave., Fulton St., Fleet St., Fleet Pl., Bolivar St; Including Elliot Place, Canton St., NYPL1627527
Vol. 5. Plate, H. (Map bound by Atlantic Ave., Clinton St., Harrison St., East River; Including Pacific St., Amity St., Congress St., Verandan Pl., Warren St., Baltic St., Columbia St., Hicks NYPL1627528
Vol. 5. Plate, N. (Map bound by Hamilton Ave., Carroll St., Columbia St., Verona St., East River; Including India St., Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Rapelyea St., Woodhull St., Bowne St., NYPL1627534
Vol. 5. Plate, O. (Map bound by Court St., Lorraine St., Columbia St., Carroll St; Including Clinton St., Henry St., Manhasset Place, Hicks St., Hamilton Ave., First Place, Summit St., Second NYPL1627535
Vol. 5. Plate, Q. (Map bound by Atlantic Basin, Verona St., Columbia St., Otsego St., Partition St., Buttermilk Channel; Including Tremont St., Clinton Wharf, William St., King St., Sullivan NYPL1627537
Vol. 5. Plate, S. (Map bound by Lorraine St., Hamilton Ave., Gowanus Bay, Otsego St; Including Crinnell St., Bay St., Sigourney St., Halleck St., Percival St., Bryant St., Columbia St., Hicks NYPL1627539
Colombia - Cauca (1886)
Columbia Co. NYPL1582978
The street railway review (1891) (14572087070)
Map of the bay of Cartagena and Escombreras, Spain - Roux Joseph - 1804
1818 Pinkerton Map of Northwestern South America (Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama) - Geographicus - NewGranada-pinkerton-1818
Gran Colombia map-ar
Map of the United States of North America, upper & lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & British Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, St. Domingo and the Bahama Islands (7557602092)
Double Page Plate No. 6; (Map bounded by Atlantic St., Columbia St., Pacific St., Amity St., Congress St; Including Waren St., Baltic St., Harrison St., Van Brunt St.) NYPL1695426
West Indies, Port San Juan, north side of Porto Rico from a Spanish survey in 1868, corrected to 1874 (8347615722)
Map of the Battle of San Jacinto, in which Texian and Tejano soldiers won independence for Texas. (1836)
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