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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
Treaty of Guadalupe gave the US the Mexico's Rio Grande as boundary for Texas, all California, half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans could relocate w/in these new boundaries or get full US citizenship. Mexicans actually belong in US...
San Juan County, Utah touches more adjacent counties than any other county in the United States
The optimal road trip to see all the US national parks
The Manhattan Project Locations
San Juan, Puerto Rico subway proposal, 1979
The oldest European settlement in the Americas. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1589.
Soviet map of el Paso TX and Juarez MX 1970's
A map produced by the US Southern Command shows the main drug-smuggling routes in Latin America connecting Colombia and Ecuador with Guatemala and Mexico (Business Insider, 9/14/17).
The US Army Corps of Engineers working hydraulic scale model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System
Eruptions on La Palma, Canary Islands
Nicholas Sanson'\s map of Florida, New Mexico and the island of California, 1656
Esperanza de vida
San Lorenzo, EC, to Zumba, EC, is the same distance as London to Frankfurt
Joaquín Torres García’s América Invertida (1943)
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
Santa Cruz River (textile) by Alexandra Kehayoglou
The Reber Plan: Proposal for two dams that turn San Pablo Bay and South San Francisco Bay into freshwater lakes while the East Bay Tidelands and Richardson Bay are filled in for a deepwater port, airports, and military bases (1949)
Asunción, Paraguay (1920)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model is a working hydraulic scale model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System. Created in the ‘50s to study a proposed plan to dam the SF Bay (!!) You can see it in person in Sausalito.
"New Mexico, also called New Granada and Marata, with parts of California" (Jean-Baptiste Nolin, Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, 168?)
Shipwrecks of Florida and the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
Dutch Map of the Islet and Bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico - Published in 1644
San Juan National Monument in Washington State: Skull Island is located in Massacre Bay, off the coast of Orcas Island and north of Victim Island.
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Santo Domingo Map 1873
WORLD MAP (circa 1947) - Tamaño: 22 cm x 31,5 cm. Fuente: Anesi, J. (1947). Nuevo atlas geográfico de las Américas. (III ed.). Buenos Aires: Ediciones Geográficas Peuser.
Helping a friend to check the effluents streams of the Magdalena river in Colombia. 1,528 kilometres in length. Trying out the TomTom Maps APIs.
Map of the Kingdom of Valencia (1838)
Rancho Providencia Hall Map 1880
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Map of San juan bautista (1884)
Map made by troops after taking San Juan Hill, 1898
Rio Grande de Magdalena, a map by Alexander von Humboldt
Go to Google Earth, and you can play fun short game where you are trying to locate Thief Carmen Sandiego.
Map of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica Santa Monica Map of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica, Santa Monica
Plan de la Ville de Santiago
San Agustin Historical District in 1892
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
Impossible Black Tulip-World map, Gulf of Mexico, Florida
Alonso Alvarez de Pineda Map of Gulf Coast
1853 U.S.C.S. Coast Chart or Map of San Luis Pass, Texas - Geographicus - SanLuisPass-uscs-1853
1852 Andrews Map of Florida, Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico - Geographicus - StraitsofFlorida-andrews-1852
Colombia - Magdalena (1886)
Mapa de 1729 de los términos de Callosa de Segura, Cox, Albatera y la Granja de Rocamora - Archivo Reino de Valencia
Cuart de Poblet, Quart ~ (Valencia, València) -España- Ciudad; de 1883
Map of the San Joaquin, Sacramento and Tulare Valleys 1873
1932 Candrain Map of San Francisco, California
Height Map of Los Angeles Metro/County from San Fernando to Avalon(Used Terrain.Party)
The first map that showed America, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
A Current and Precise Description of Portugal, Which Was Once Lusitania, by Fernando Alvarez Seco WDL470
Moncada (Valencia, València); de 1883
Museros (Valencia, València); de 1883
Paiporta (Valencia, València); de 1883
Paterna (Valencia, València); de 1883
Nuevo Mundo llamado América (1596) por Theodoro de Bry - AHG
Picaña, Picanya (Valencia, València); de 1883
Roca-Cúiper -Meliana i Foios- (Valencia, València); de 1883
Calle de la Cava de San Miguel. Plano de Texeira
1771 Bonne Map of Mexico (Texas), Louisiana and Florida - Geographicus - Mexico-bonne-1771
Rocafort (Valencia, València); de 1883
Sedaví (Valencia, València); de 1883
Tabernes Blanques, Tavernes ~ (Valencia, València); de 1883
Torrente, Torrent (Valencia, València); de 1883
Vinalesa (Valencia, València); de 1883
Cementerio de San Isidro y San Justo, plano de Madrid de Facundo Cañada (1902)
Calle de los Señores de Luzón (San Salvador), Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
Calle de San Juan (calle de la Farmacia), Plano de Madrid de Texeira partearriba003 (cropped)
Calle de San Pedro y San Pablo, Plano de Madrid de Texeira partearriba003 (cropped)
1747 Ruyter Map of Florida, Mexico and the West Indies - Geographicus - PortoBello-ratelband-1747
Santo Domingo Map 1873Nu
Corredera Baja de San Pablo, Plano de Madrid de Texeira partearriba003 (cropped)
La Chimba - Plan de la Ville de Santiago
Iglesia de San Miguel de los Octoes. Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
Plano Acequia de Énova (1730) . Archivo del Reino de Valencia
Iglesia de San Salvador. Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
Pianta del buonsignori, dettaglio 147 san lorenzo (a Ponte a Greve)
1802 Tardieu Map of Santo Domingo or Hispaniola, West Indies - Geographicus - StDomingue2-tardieu-1802
Plaza de Lavapies y calle de Valencia. Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo003 (cropped)
Mapa de 1721 de los términos de Siete Aguas, Buñol, Chiva y Macastre - Archivo Reino de Valencia
San Miguel de los Octoes-Plano de Texeira
Reales Audiencias de Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Panamá y Nueva Granada, Isla de Cuba y la Florida (1594) - AHG
Plano de Santiago 1758
Plano del Puerto de la Concepcion de Chile, citu(a)da la Poblacion de Talcaguano en la latitud S. de 36⁰,42,28" y en longitud al O de cadiz de 67⁰,2,53" (4232064876)
Plano de la Bahía de Concepción del Reino de Chile en 1744 - AHG
Mapa de Santiago de Chile
Ubicación de la plaza de la Cruz Verde en el Plano de Madrid de Texeira parteabajo002 (cropped)
Plano de Santiago
Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America, with part of New Granada and Venezuela (7557413788)
Mapa topografico de la isla de Puerto Rico; Contornos de Ponce (inset with title of full page map); Mapa de los contornos de San Juan de Puerto Rico (inset); Plano de San Juan de Puerto Rico NYPL1808082
A new map containing the English Empire Golf of Mexico Caribes Islands Granada Guiana Amazone and Peru (8643458990)
Nieuwe en beknopte hand-atlas - 1754 - UB Radboud Uni Nijmegen - 209718609 099 Mexico en Nieuw Granada
Map of Valencia by Abraham Ortelius
Mapa de los partidos de Santo Domingo de la Calzada y Logroño (1787, Tomás López)
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