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The Plan of Al Madina, Saudi Arabia - 1946 - British Naval Intelligence
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada is closer to Banjul, the capital of Gambia, then Old Crow, Yukon, located in its own country.
James Island and Fort Gambia
Rue Basse-du-Rempart
Map of the River Gambra (now the Gambia) 1732
1865 Bellin Sea Chart of Western Africa ( Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, etc.) - Geographicus - WestAfrica2-bellin-1765
Carte de la haute et basse Hongrie, Transylvanie, Moldavie, Valachie Sclavonie et Croatie... dessein... trouvé dans le cabinet de Bethleem Gabor, prince de Transilvanie..
BASSE VOLHYNIE, ou PALATINAT DE KIOW, tiré entierement de la grade Ukraine, Nicholas Sanson (Paris, 1665)
1848 Levasseur Map of Senegal, Gambia and Madagascar - Geographicus - AfricaFr-levasseur-1847
Haute et Basse Alsace, Suntgaw, Brisgaw, Ortenaw et le Marquisat de Bade, avec les divers Routes et Passages des Montagnes et Forests Noires, pour entrer en Souabe (5121168394)
PARK(1800) p359 Karte mit Mungo Parks Reiseroute in Westafrika vom Gambia Fluss zum Niger Fluss
Basse-Terre Banat 2.1 2006
Plan of James Island and Fort, Gambia, 1727
Vue de la colonie espagnole du Mississippi en 1802 - carte Basse Louisiane et Floride Occidentale
Ten months among the tents of the Tuski, with incidents of an Arctic boat expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, as far as the Mackenzie River, and Cape Bathurst (1853) (14774951941)
Fort St. Jacques, Gambia, 1695
mecca as the pole of coordinate lines ,the first latitude line goes through medina(2holiest city)and the angle between longitude lines is the angle between the first longitude line and the line which goes thorugh jerusalem,the total number of longitude lines is 22 europe is at 3long,10lat
Gambia compared to Switzerland
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