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Germans, backing toward "Inner Fortress" plan to make peace costly ; a 1943 map from the Los Angeles Times
Berlin, 1652
The connectedness of the worlds ocean - from the German magazine mare
Map of Turkey in Europe, illustrating the Berlin Congress Treaty, July 1878 - by Samuel Mitchell (1880)
1873 map of the German Empire
A haunting image of the ghost border in Poland, the results of the 2010 Parliamentary election compared with the borders of the German Empire
European Revue - Kill That Eagle (1914). Representations of Germany's neighbors
My grandfathers went to school in Switzerland in the 1930/40s but used a german school atlas. The school publishing house oversticked the racist nazi terms.
Found an old atlas at my grandaunts home: Every country of Africa is colonized, except Ethiopia. orange=German, red=English, brown=French, dark green=Italian, Green=Italian,... Andrees Handatlas 1914.
1912 German Map of Antarctica
1890s map of distribution of Catholics and Protestants in the German Reich
What Germany Wants : her claims as set forth by leaders of German thought 
German population in the United States in 1872
German caricature map of Europe on the brink of World War 1
Ethnic map of eastern provinces of German Reich based on official census of 1910 (red: German ; green: Poles)
German speaking areas before and after 1945
The rise of Germany, 1815-1871 (published in the early 20th century)
German Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1801)
6 ways to distinguish areas of old Germany. Pls see comment.
Map of Münster, Germany (1683)
1550 Map of South America labeled in German, geographic features otherwise in Latin. Relief shown pictorially.
Frankfurt, Germany by Conrad Faber of Kreuznach (1552)
Countries where Head of State is of German ancestry
Train lines in the German Reich (1906)
1584 Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Konigsberg, Prussia: Baltic Sea Coastline to Memel (Klaipeda)
Karte der Deutschen Mundarten - Map of the German Dialects. Brockhaus (German encyclopedia), Leipzig, 1894
Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance: from the Allies' Peace Terms as Stated in their Reply to President Wilson's Note of 19th Dec. 1916 (approx. 1917)
Germany (1906)
Polish population before the rebirth of Poland from the German occupation authorities in 1916
The Borderland Germans (1938)
Dissemination of the German Language (1913)
Germany in 1648 (map in French made in 1947)
Nazi support and Catholicism in Germany in the early 1930s
Constituent Countries of the German Empire (1900), overtop of modern German districts
A map of the Arabian Peninsula made in 1720 / by the German publisher Christoph Weigel
The distribution of the Jews in Central Europe (1881, German)
Christmas Flood of 1717 Map. This was a northwesterly storm, which hit the coast area of the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia on Christmas night. 14,000 people drowned
1970s-era Berlin U-Bahn map, showing stations closed by Communists, the Berlin Wall, and stations only open to Easterners.
1544 World Map by the German scientist Sebastian Muenster
All Roads to Berlin
1712 map of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania and Switzerland - by Herman Moll
1849 German Map of Texas
In the early 20th century, Germany was bleeding away its population through emigration. This collection from various sources shows the extent of emigration, along with useful comparative information on the various destinations one might choose...pls see comment.
Topographic map of Germany
This map superimposes the border of the German Empire (1871-1918) on the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland.
Rescue stations on the German coast
Finley Map of Germany (1827)
How West Berlin appeared on a 1988 East German Map
New Map of Germany, Holland and Switzerland by L.E. Langen 1787
Berlin & Cölln, Germany, 1652
Largest German Cities in 1600
German Map Of Europe, 1913
The city of Berlin, 500 years apart: the evolution from a small Branderburgian town to the capital of Prussia and one of the main centers of the Enlightenment
1905 map of Hannover, Oldenburg, Braunschweig and Bremen in Germany - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel
America sive novus orbis ... ; (America or the New World ...) Theodor de Bry (1528-1598), illustrator and engraver Frankfurt, 1596
Map of the Diocese of Stavanger, Norway. Published in 1638 by Johannes Blaeu and Cornelius Blaeu for The Atlas Van der Hagen
Ottoman Map of Germany (1803)
At peak point German and Japanese forces were 4791 km away from each other
Which countries would US/British/French/German citizens be willing to defend if they were attacked by Russia?
How close the Germans were to Moscow
Amount of "Foreign Workers" within the Nazi Germany (1941)
1841 map of the States of the German Confederation and Poland / by Karl Vogel
World Map in German - Gotha Justus Perthes 1872 Atlas
Population densities of Germany and Finland. The value ranges matter.
Detailed terrain map of Germany and the surrounding region
The area around the tripoint of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (plus Neutral Moresnet) c. 1900
Name for Germany in European languages
1690 Visscher Map of Holstein,Germany
Map of the land promised to Mexico by Germany in the Zimmerman Telegram.
Germania, had Germany won WWII
Ethnic map of Europe in German 1847
Destruction of Jerusalem (587 BC), as imagined in the medieval Nuremberg Chronicle
Name of Germany in various European languages
Territories ceded by Czechoslovakia to Germany following the Munich Agreement (1938)
What Germany Wants, 1917
Germany, the Beautiful Travel Country
Europe as 'Lebensraum' from German School Atlas, 1942 (
Germany with its federal states(uncolorized yet)
German passport vs. Afghan passport
1735 map of the Prince-Bishopric of Speyer (Spires - in yellow, plus the four enclaves in aqua)
Andrees Handatlas 1914: North America; small card: spreading of black people in America (racist German term)
The 4th European Map, depicting Greater Germany, from Ptolemy's Geography. Drawn in 1450, engraved in 1491
German East Africa (Deutsh-Ost-Afrika) from Germany's colonies, Brief description of the country and people of our non-European possessions ... ... With pictures and an overview map, etc., 1889, British Library Open Collection.
Percentage of pupils learning German by country in Europe
A map of Germany split in two by Aldi.
View of Frankfurt (in the 16th Century) from the Civitates orbis terrarum
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
Map of Luxembourg should it successfully recover all annexed territories from Germany, France and Belgium
Germany: The Beautiful Travel Country (1936)
The Territorial Evolution of Germany from 1867 to the Present; translated from German. -
Most common foreign citizenship in each German district
Percent of Population with German Ancestry by Congressional District
Predominant confessions in Germany by district
Greater Austria : a proposed state in the mid Nineteenth century, in which all Habsburg- dominated areas would join a German confederation
USB icon shaped port. Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe, Germany.
German language area before and after the world wars
Political Map of Africa, 1894: scramble for Africa underway but much of the continent's still not colonized, with several 'negro states' still existing. From a German atlas (Debes' Schul-Atlas) I bought recently
countries that import more from the U.S/germany/china
Europe in the 16th century. Old German school map, unsure of age.
Germany’s plans for Africa in 1917
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