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1855 map of Cuba, Jamaica, Porto Rico, and the Bahamas
Brooklyn, Vol. 4, Double Page Plate No. 8; Part of Ward 26; Sections 12 and 13; (Map bounded by Ashford St., Liberty Ave., Bradford St., Jamaica Ave; Including Miller Ave., Highland Blvd., Warwick NYPL1697669
1873 Beers Map of Jamaica, Queens, New York City - Geographicus - Jamaica-beers-1873
1864 Johnson's Map of Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas ^ Puerto Rico - Geographicus - Cuba-j-1864
Springfield Store. Tn. of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Willow Tree Station. Town of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Inglewood or Queens. Town of Hempstead, Queens Co. NYPL1527300
Double Page Plate No. 42- (Bounded by Jamaica Avenue, Miller Avenue, Highland Boulevard, Forcetube Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Dresden Street, Atlantic Avenue, Berriman Street, Pitkin Avenue and NYPL1517481
Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Double Page Plate No. 35; Part of Ward 32, Section 24; (Map bounded by Avenue N, Louisiana Ave; Including Fresh Creek, Jamaica Bay, E. 93rd St.) NYPL1703804
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