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La Louisiane (French North America) 1719
French map of North America, 1694
The other day a French guy asked me if I was from Colombia, I told him Mexico and he said "close enough". This is how wrong he was.
1730 Canada de l'Isle = Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France = Map of Canada or New France
Which countries would US/British/French/German citizens be willing to defend if they were attacked by Russia?
Covens and Mortier’s 1708 reissue of De L’Isle’s 1700 mapping of North America x-post /r/HI_Res
Photosynthesis of the US corn crop. At the peak of the growing season it produces more oxygen than the Amazon Rain Forest
French map of North America published by Henry Chatelain for the 1720 edition of his seminal Atlas Historique
The French proposed this Panama canal in 1881
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
New Orleans, LA, USA. 1841 vs. 1880.
As of yesterday, marijuana for recreational use is legal along the American coast from Mexico's western coast to Maine.
Percentage of people who can speak both English and French in Canada
The Legendary Country of Norumbega, modern day Maine/Canada east of the Penobscot River
The optimal road trip to see all the US national parks
Chateau Bay: Labrador, Canada 1892
The Trans-Canada Highway
Knowledge of French in Canada
Most Commonly Spoken Language other than French/English in Canada
How "Marry/Mary/Merry" are pronounced by US state
US, France, UK strikes over Syria (preliminary)
The US Climate Alliance, dedicated to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement
The Recently Completed Trans Canada Trail
Map of US Secretary of War Simon Cameron's Proposed Partition of Virginia (December 21, 1861)
US map of known Nazi concentration camps in June, 1944
Arms Exports from China, France, the United States, and Russia
All territories that were at one time under French control in North America between 1534 to 1803. (This map is only listing around 60 Forts while there was more than 150 in New France - France claimed to go all the way to the Pacific ocean but there was no permanent presence.)
Nice looking early colonial map by France of America and Canada from 1719.
Languages Spoken at Home in Canada (English, French, other Languages - GIF)
Mitchell Map-06full2
What the entire Internet looked like in September 1973
Concealed Carry in the United States
"A new map of North America: with the British, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish dominions on that great continent, and the West India Islands according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th February 1763" by Robert de Vaugondy, Robert Sayer & Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
A friend of mine drew this for me ! Eastern half of Orléans Island, Québec, Canada.
If France was surrounded by the same proportion of english speaker as the province of Québec in north america.
Most common mother tongues in Canada (other than English and French)
Map given to a French explorer in North America by native guide Auchagah circa. 1738.
Out of State Concealed Carry Permits in the United States
Most Frequent Cause of Weather Fatalities in the US (1999-2018) by Ian Livingston
Eastern Part of New France or Canada with the Island of Newfoundland and Nova Escosse Acadia and New. England with St. Laurence River (1756)
Radio Tours - A map of different radio stations in the US from 1934
H1N1 Canada Map by confirmed cases
Reported Cases of Lyme Disease - United States, 2001 to 2017
Prince Edward Island map 1775
H1N1 USA Map by confirmed cases
H1N1 Mexico map by confirmed cases
Map Showing Imperial Context in North America before the 1763 Treaty of Paris
Map of France from the US Army's "Pocket Guide to FRANCE" (1944)
Plano perspectivo de la Ciudad y del Valle de Mexico, D.F. (Mexico City) - 1906
Chile is so long, it stretches from France (Europe) to France (North America).
North America after the Peace of Paris (found this on Wikipedia)
"Distribution of Negroes in the United States." Included in a display organized by W. E. B. du Bois that was presented at the 1900 Paris Exposition devoted to the "history and present condition of the American Negro".
Mitchell map michigan
Montreal GareCentrale NouvelleLigneThornton
Zika Virus disease cases in the US as of November 1, 2017
British map of the north parts of America claimed by France under the names of Lousiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France (1720)
French Canadians in the United States (Darker Red = More, Yellow = Less)
1804 US Presidential Election. Yes, Maine was part of Massachusetts.
Various French accents of eastern Canada (legends and additional accent maps in comments)
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon EEZ map-en
Reported bed bug cases around the US
1958 - TWA - Trans World Airlines routes - USA, Europe, Africa and Asia
Carte de la Nouvelle France : Canada et Louisiane (1755 ) -
Le Canada ou Nouvelle France
La Nouvelle-France
Circuit Edmonton City Centre Airport 2011
H1N1 North America map by confirmed cases
US Participation in Paris Climate Agreement
Bernard Romans 1780 “Chorographical Map of the Northern Department of North America”
Map of the former Seigneurial system of New France / Lower Canada (now Quebec). Details & links in comments
1745 Map of Atlantic Canada (known as New France then) and New England coast from the Nova Scotia Archives.
Mitchell Map-06full2 compressed
Mitchell Map-excerpt03
1855 Colton Map of Upper Canada or Ontario - Geographicus - Ontario2-colton-1855
EdmontonCentre electoral district 2010
EdmontonCentre in Edmonton
LacombePonoka electoral district 2010
LacombePonoka in Alberta
LeducBeaumont electoral district 2010
LeducBeaumont in Alberta
Maine Republican Presidential Caucuses Election Results by County, 2016
Maine Republican Presidential Caucuses Election Results by County, 2012
United States presidential election in Maine, 2016
Maine gubernatorial election, 2010 results by county
2010 House elections Maine
Maine Democratic Presidential Caucuses Election Results by County, 2016
Fer - Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline
Maine Senatorial Election Results by County, 2014
Map of Maine NA
A Map Showing US Cultural Regions unbounded by state borders so it won't cause conflcit
A 1664 map of French Canada and surrounding lands produced by the royal geographer of Louis XIV. There are some quite interesting ideas about what the great lakes looked like. (Title of map translated in the comments.)
Shortest Land Border in the World? 51.12 Meter Land Border Between Canada and Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Montreal 1725
1730 Canada de l'Isle
Mitchell Map-excerpt02
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boat parts and history
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