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Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Earth, from the Portolan Atlas by Battista Agnese, c. 1544.
Chile Is Long Enough To Stretch From Lisbon, Portugal To Moscow, Russia When Overlaid On Europe.
1665 map of Portugal - by Joan Blaeu
1764 map of the town and port of Macao
The 1502 Cantino World Planisphere. From an unknown Cartographer, this is the Oldest Known Map of Portugese Land Discoveries
Map of Portugal, 1561 in the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (1570) de Abraham Ortelius
1818 Pinkerton Map of Portugal
Carta Marina / drawn by Martin Waldseemüller in 1516. This is a remix of both fantastical and official testimony of the world. King Manuel of Portugal is riding a sea monster close to the southern coast of Africa, a symbol of the Portuguese control over the marine route between Africa and India
Lisbon in 1904
1752 Map of Portugal
1630 Portuguese map of Asia | "Taboas geraes de toda a navegação, divididas e emendadas por Dom Ieronimo de Attayde com todos os portos principaes das conquistas de Portugal delineadas por Ioão Teixeira cosmographo de Sua Magestade" | Jeronimo de Ataide, João Teixeira
Portugal is not a small country (1934)
"Portugal is not a small country" - Portuguese imperial colonies overlaid on a map of Europe, ca. 1940.
The first circumnavigation of the world led by Ferdinand Magellan, it took 3 years to complete and only 1 of the original 5 ships made it home.
U.S. backed coups in Latin America: Costa Rica 1948, Guatemala 1954, Paraguay 1954, Brazil 1964, Peru 1968, Chile 1973, Uruguay 1973, Argentina 1976, El Salvador 1979, Nicaragua 1981, Panama 1989 (invaded), Venezuela: 2002...
Portugal and Spain are among the last European nations led by center-left parties
Rail network in Portugal (1988 vs 2015)
The “Columbus map”, drawn in the workshop of Bartolomeo and Christopher Columbus in Lisbon, Portugal. ca. 1490
View of Lisbon and Tagus River, Portugal, 1572
Territory claimed by Spain and Portugal due to Treaties of Tordesillas and Zaragoza
Languages of Spain and Portugal
Iberian Kingdoms in 1150, shortly after the Kingdom of Portugal was established
Map of the world from 1502, 10 years after the "discovery" of the Americas. Note how it also includes the line of the separation of the world between Portugal and Spain.
Rainfall in Spain and Portugal
Nautical chart of Portuguese cartographer Lázaro Luís, 1563
Portugal on coffee
The changing borders of Portugal
Portugal Propaganda Map 1934 - "Portugal não é um país pequeno" (Portugal is not a small country)
Portugal at its peak
Map of Couto Misto, a micro state between Spain and Portugal. Existed from the 10th century to 1868.
River Basins of Portugal and Spain in Rainbow Colours
Ahistorical Map of How the Union of Brazil and Portugal could have evolved.
Handmade gastronomic map of Portugal
Empires of Portugal and Spain (1790)
109 Countries that has had some or all of their nations territory under the control of Portugal
Map of Couto Misto, a microstate existed on the border between Spain and Portugal. Was founded in the 10th century and annexed in 1868
The true shape of Magellan's circumnavigation path around the Earth
“Portugal is not a smol country”. Portuguese propaganda from the Salazar era.
"Portugal is not a small country"
Some ways to divide Portugal
Countries that had been at war with Portugal
Map of the Tagus river basin, Spain & Portugal
When Spain and Portugal dominated the world
Channels to British Hong Kong and Portuguese Macao (1885)
Spain and Portugal, as seen by an American Grade School Student in 1963
Wine regions of Portugal
Large 3D Printed Topo of Costa Rica
First circumnavigations of the world by Magellan (1519-1522) and Drake (1577-1580)
Five years of burnt data in Portugal
River Basins of Spain and Portugal in National Colours
St. John's, Newfoundland is closer to Lisbon, Portugal than Vancouver. The size of continental Canada is bigger than the Atlantic Ocean
"Portugal is not a small country" - 1934 Propaganda
Spanish and Portugese Empires c. 1790
Spain and Portugal by National Geographic
Portugal for a foreigner 101
Portugal Is Not A Small Country
The territory of Brazil can cover, Portugal to Russia. From Italy to Iceland and cover the entire North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea.
Chilean regions of Los Lagos and Los Ríos official road map - southern terminus of the Chilean continuous road system, a region where ferries are an essential part of travel
Portugal drawn up by roads
Hillshade map of Costa Rica
Sumatra to New Guinea spreads as far from Lisbon to northern Siberia!
Travel times (in hours) of the tsunami from the 1755 Lisbon earthquake
Map of Lagos in 1962
Portugal 1584 by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer
Countries with a physical Apple Store. PS : Macao has one too.
Vardø, Norway is closer to China than it is to Portugal m.
Map of the proposed partition plan of Portugal signed by Napoleonic France and Spain
Modern countries with territory at one time claimed by Portugal
Growth of Forest in Costa Rica's National Park
Bathymetry map of Southern Cayo Costa Island in Florida, created using las points.
Map of San Diego Bay, depicting anchorages and moorings, various military facilities, Coronado, National City, and the surrounding area, 1923
The worst map of Portugal I've ever seen
OC Costa Rican Presidential Election 2018
Bioclimatic map of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal)
The Magellan–Elcano expedition, the first world circumnavigation in history
Countries with lower nominal GDP than Portugal
Steeets of Lagos, Nigeria
Survey of the Straits of Magellan made during Darwin's voyage on the Beagle
A traveler's map of Spain & Portugal by National Geographic
1688 Map of The Kingdom of Portugal and Algarve, Heightened in Gold by the Dutch Map Maker Nicholaus Visscher.
Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake
1855 map of Cuba, Jamaica, Porto Rico, and the Bahamas
Portugal - Land Use (1972)
Everybody Against Everybody - by Leo Burnett Lisbon agency
Iberian Union (Gilbatrar + Portugal + Spain and Isles)
Straits of Magellan (1633)
The journey of Diogo Botelho Pereira, a Portuguese navigator who sailed from India to Portugal on a longboat in 1535
Street Map of Lagos (1958)
Map of the closest team from the top 2 football division in Portugal to each municipality
Terceira Island - Azores 1595
1688 Map of The Kingdom of Portugal and Algarve, Heightened in Gold by the Dutch Map Maker Nicholaus Visscher.
Santa Cruz River (textile) by Alexandra Kehayoglou
You can fit the entirety of Israel into Portugal and still be able to drive around it.
Altamira, Brazilian municipality with larger area than mainland Portugal. The municipality of Altamira, in the state of Pará, is one of the largest in the world and the largest in Brazil according to the IBGE. It occupies an area of 159,533 km². The mainland of Portugal has an area of 92,090 km².
Dialects of Portugal
North Portugal highways map from 1926
Portugal Exclusive Economic Zone
Map of The Americas with portraits of Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, Francisco Pizzaro and Ferdinand Magellan. Illustration by Theodor de Bry, 1596.
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