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German colonies in Africa (1894). Current-day Togo, Cameroon, Tanzania and Namibia. From a German atlas (Debes' Schul-Atlas) I bought recently
Mafia activity in Sicily, 1900
Russian mafia connections across Europe
The most spoken languages of Tanzania
First-cousin marriage and Mafia in Italy
Mafia territories in Sicily during Mussolini era
Tracking the Prides: This August 2013 map shows where lions thrive in Serengeti National Park.
Zanzibar/Unguja Island tourism map, 1996 & 2002 data
For those who still do not know the difference between Tasmania and Tanzania
Tanzania, National Parks and Game Reserves
Wisconsin vs Tanzania
The Currently Mapped Tanzania OSM Road Network Compared to AI Detected Roads
Unguja and Pemba islands of Zanzibar, mapped by half a million buildings
Pemba Island — largest island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania.
Ugunja aka Zanzibar and it's sister island Pemba
Mexican States with mafia conflicts
How Big is Tanzania?
Zanzibar (tanzania)
Tanzania fertility rate by region 2012-2015
1868 Dispatch - Weller Map of South Central Africa ( Angola, Botswana, Tanzania, etc. ) - Geographicus - CentralAfrica-dispatch-1868
1528 - Bordone - BNF - Maidegascar e Zanzibar
1988 Tanzania Transport (30253288514)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography