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petit-pain (au chocolat), is always forgotten in the French war that opposes pain-au-chocolat vs chocolatine
Old French map of Korea and Japan from 1894. (Map from "Le Petit Journal SUPPLEMENT ILLUSTRE de 1894")
A map found in "Le plus Petit Atlas du Monde". Maybe 1920s ?
the World Map Gear by Robin Petit et Guillaume Monnot
Petit Luxembourg on the 1739 Turgot map of Paris - KU
Map showing overland Pacific Telegraph from San Francisco to Moscow, submitted to the Committee on Commerce with a petit - NARA - 306678
Canada and its provinces - a history of the Canadian people and their institutions by one hundred associates (1913) (14802094893)
1764 Bellin Map of Bombay (Mumbai) India - Geographicus - Bombay-bellin-1750
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14597135680)
"Descriptio Veromanduorum = Gallice Vermandois - auctore Ioanne Suthonio. Gouvernement de la Cappelle - par P. Petit. Bourbon" (22068322748)
Plan de Paris vers 1550 Petit pont
Le petit flambeau-139
Plan des jardins français et champêtre du Petit Trianon
Hanoi quartier administratif petit lac map plan 1886
Treguennec plan général du camp TODT au 14 janvier 47 petit format
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