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Pre WWII Air France Map by: Lucien Boucher 1937
Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of the Pacific and surrounds (1942)
German caricature map of Europe on the brink of World War 1
Africa at the start of the First World War (1914)
WWII Japanese Aeronautical Map of Australia (1943)
This map is apparently what was issued to Polish RAF Airmen during WW2, as a means to integrate easier as they were travelling around the UK.
Outline of Post-War New World Map (1942) : showing political divisions of the world after WW2 in the event of an Allied victory
Airforce Logos Before WW2
Deaths in WW1 by European Country
World War 2 shipwrecks
WW2 Military Panorama of the Theatre of War
Map of the Chinese Factory in Nagasaki by Isaac Titsingh. 1688
This 100 year old map, pre world war 1, hanging in my living room
Europe after WW2 In an atlas dedicated to Elizabeth II
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Europe before WW I.
WWII Allied Bombings
World War I poster with maps of the Balkans and Turkish Straits
WW2 theaters of war and deaths
Japanese WWI Commemorative Map - Can anyone name all the world leaders included above this map? Some are obvious, some not so much.
Satirical Maps of the First World War by Louis Raemaekers in 1915
"The Battlefronts of Europe", 1917, a superimposed and Mercator-adjusted image of the four major European WWI battlefronts on the contiguous United States
World War 2 deaths as a percentage of each nation's population
A map of the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland
Germania, had Germany won WWII
Second World War in Europe 1943-1945
WW2 Deaths by percent of pre-war population in Europe
Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb
Japanese World War II Pictorial Map of Europe, Asia and northern Africa (1942)
The Actual First World War? Participants in the Seven Years War 1756-1763
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
Zone Rouge Map - showing condition immediately following WW1: destroyed areas in red, areas of major damage in yellow and moderately damaged areas in green
Map of Pre-WWII Europe by faces of leaders
Japanese World War II Map
A map of the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland
German language area before and after the world wars
World War 1 map : The Great War 1914
Africa at the start of the World War I (1914)
Map of the world as depicted in "The Man in the High Castle" Very good resolution, with maps. Axiz wins WW2
Map of all ships sunk during WW2, nearly 8000. Stolen from brilliant maps
World War 1 casualties as a percentage of population
World War 1 - Mobilized forces per total population (in %)
WW2 map of Ireland to deter invaders
Terror in Afghanistan : Deaths of terrorism in Afghanistan in the style of WWII-era propaganda maps (2010)
Territories held by Germany on 1st May 1945, 7 days before the end of the WW2 in Europe
A World War I map of Europe, in Braille. 1914-1918
World War II in Europe 1939-1945 - Overview
Map outlining troop movements during the Third Battle of Ypres fought in the First World War
Bought a 1919 atlas printed between the end of WWI and the finalization of the Versailles & Trianon treaties. The cartographer is very frustrated about the 'in between' status of half the world's maps. Quite interesting and unique! (Album with explanations in comments) (OC)
Every bomb dropped by Allied forces during WWII (cross-post /r/dataisbeautiful)
Dai Tōa senkyoku chizu : Japanese Map of the Pacific during World War II
Operation Barbarossa - the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War
When did countries enter into WW1 1173x903
A map I made of a world where Germany won WW1. The map is in 1925. Italy and Ethiopia also joined on the Central Powers' side.
European country names in Navajo: "iron-hat-people land" and other WWII Code Talker neologisms
Map of Central Europe - pre WWI... look how much has changed in the last 100 years.
Dated events. World War Map
The Soviet major offensives of 30 November - 22 December 1939 in the Winter War.
World War II, animated
My first map. Self made, Germany in 1920 if the central powers won World War 1.
Fits here? Blast radius of the Fat Man (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) nuclear bomb transposed to other major world cities.
Map of Occupied areas. WW2
Deaths in WW2 by European Country
The ever-changing borders of the Balkans (1st and 2nd Balkan Wars, WW1)
The US and its territorial possessions to scale before WW2
100 Years ago WWI ended, this is what Europe looked like at the time
Map of Churchill's Travels during World War II
Portuguese propaganda map from WW2 (c. 1942)
Percentage of population killed in WW2 (Europe)
Monarchies before and after WW1 2544x977
WW2 Deaths by percent of pre-war population in Asia-Pacific
World War 2 Japanese Pictorial Map of Australia & New Zealand
American expansion and Russian expansion - until the start of WW1
Map of US Military and CIA Interventions since World War 2
WWII Casualties as Percentage of Population
Occupied Territory by the Central Powers and frontlines during World War I at the beginning of 1917. (Source: 'The Great War' Youtube Channel)
75 years ago, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, ending WWII in Europe, Here's the map of Allied-occupied Germany.
Surrounded on every side. A Chinese map shows the alliances of the First World War, with Allies in pink and the Central Powers in blue.
German propaganda the year after the end of the World War 1914-1918
Map of Europe during WW1 w/ Respective Propaganda Posters
The proposed German seizure of Gibraltar during WWII, Operation Felix, and possible British response
The Ottoman Empire at the start of WW1
Pre-WW2 propaganda shows Germany in white, with the 100,000-man army permitted by the Treaty of Versailles, surrounded by heavily armed neighbors.
Europe before WW1
Frontlines in the European theatre during the First World War in February 1918 (Source: 'The Great War' YouTube channel)
WWII era map of Bremerton and Port Orchard WA Federal housing projects.
World War Caricature Map
WWII Shipwrecks around the world
CIA intervention since World War 2.
Japanese attacks on Australia in WW2
European GDP Power in 1938 by country (brink of WW2)
Concentration and extermination camps in Europe during World War II .
Allied proposals for partition of Germany after World War II
WW1 Map of Europe on Western Front (1914)
Genocides after world war 2
Map of the world on the day World War 1 broke out.
Map of Europe before WW1 (1914) Colored with Colored pencils
The Norwegian election in 1945, following WW2
Europe before and after WW1
European countries that announced neutrality during World War II
Japanese map of WWII, Nobarasha, 1942
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