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A SATIRICAL GEOPOLITICAL MAP OF EUROPE published by Presso Manfredi Manfredo Editore Via Venezia N. 1749 of Bologna, Italy // Based on the numerous events portrayed on the map such as the defeat of the Papal States in Italy, this map seems to be from 1871
"MAPA UKRAINI - MAP OF UKRAINE (1919)" ---- Postcard from 1919 showing territorial claims of the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic before it's loss of Kiev and other territories to the Bolsheviks and the surrounding Powers. Kiev was taken in February of 1919, a month after this was printed
"THE AVENGER: An Allegorical War Map for 1877" / Artist: Fred W. Rose
"WHY GERMANY WANTS PEACE" - WWI propaganda map printed in 1918 by the Committee on Public Information, a government agency that was established through an executive order by president Wilson in 1917 for the sole purpose of making propaganda
CARPATHO-UKRAINE was an autonomous region within the Second Czechoslovak Republic that declared itself independent on March 15th, 1939 only to be annexed by the Kingdom of Hungary over the next few days. Its brief independence movement was headed by self-appointed president Avgustyn Voloshyn
BELARUSIAN PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC ------- A Country That Existed From 1918 To 1919
"THE ARTSAKH REPUBLIC" / A map of the de facto Artsakh Republic, an autonomous country within the borders of Western Azerbaijan. Artsakh is formerly known as NAGORNO-KOROBAKH REPUBLIC and is slowly growing regional support for self-determination as it has been largely independent since 1991
Pre-WWII highway proposal (1938) submitted by Jan Antonin Bat'a that would have connected the easternmost parts of Czechoslovakia to the Carpatho-Ruthenian regions of the country through a series of new roads
"1838 FAILED 10-STATE AUSTRALIA PROPOSAL": Published in the Journal of The Royal Geographical Society in London, this map urged for the creation of 10 states on the continent - Dampieria, Victoria, Tasmania, Nuytsland, Carpentaria, Torresia, Cooksland, Guelphia, Van Diemen's Land, & Flindersland
“A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia” Artist: Kisaburō Ohara (1904)
2010 Globe with a united North & South Sudan
GOVERNORATE of ARKHANGELSK by cartographer O. Pulkova created in 1899 and published in the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary of Russia. This was the largest governorate of the European part of Russia before it lost large portions of its territories during the October Revolution of 1917
"WHERE AMERICAN ALLIGATORS LIVE" (2018) /// National Geographic Map of the American Alligator Range; the species was considered endangered in 1967 but is no longer endangered due to government protection
KAART VAN EUROPA / Published by Lith Emrik & Binger of Haarlem, Netherlands in 1859. By 1850s the fully “caricaturized” maps of Europe like this one started appearing in publications for the first time
“ETHNOGRAPHIC MAP OF THE RUSSIAN POPULATION IN THE KINGDOM OF GALICIA" / 1878 Borders of Kingdom of Galicia & Lodomeria by Yakov Fedorovich Golovatsky
“SLOVENSKO A PODKARPATSKA RUS” // (1921) // Slovakia and Subcarpathian-Ruthenia as parts of Czechoslovakia
"NORTH and SOUTH CAROLINA" / An 1851 map originally published in "Mitchell's School's Geography: A System of Modern Geography"
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