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The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities. Countries with politicians, public officials or close associates implicated in the leak on April 15, 2016 (as of May 19, 2016).
Map of the Internet in 1969
A pond in New Hampshire that looks like Africa from above.
Satellite photo showing how much of Grand Bahama around Freeport is underwater because of Dorian. The yellow line is the normal coastline.
NASA gravity field map of our moon
'Cosmic Journeys': 50 years of space exploration color-coded. Godspeed to all space programs working to advance our species!
118 Bird Species Migrate Across A Map Of The Western Hemisphere
1916 geological map of California with 3D elevation.
Historic distribution of lions vs present distribution
Phytoplankton contribute at least 50% of all oxygen to our atmosphere, they do so by capturing about 37 billion metric tons of CO2, an estimated 40% of all CO2 produced. To put things in perspective, this is equivalent to the amount of CO2 captured by 1.7 trillion trees, four Amazon forests!
A map showing the supposed extent of the Atlantean Empire. From Ignatius L. Donnelly's Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, 1882.
Map showing nearly 50,000 galaxies in the nearby universe detected by the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) in infrared light. - Image Credit: 2MASS/ T. H. Jarrett/J. Carpenter/R. Hurt
The first map showing the global geology of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has been completed and fully reveals a dynamic world of dunes, lakes, plains, craters and other terrains.
Global map showing the dominant oil crop per grid-cell with oil levels in the bottles representing the number of species threatened by each oil crop per million tons of oil produced.
"The Earth's Moon" reference map by National Geographic
The Roman Empire at its greatest extent
Maps showing the surface features of Titan, created using infrared images from Cassini. (đź“· NASA/JPL)
Results of the 2016 US Presidential Election. The darker the blue the more a county went for Hilary Clinton and the darker the red the more the county went for Donald Trump.
1888 "Map of Mars" drawn by the astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli. The funny thing is that actual ancient ocean was probably on the opposite hemisphere, around the Northern Pole.
Australia fire map vs Australia population map
The identification and distribution of aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere. Produced in real time, this model relies on a combination of Earth-observing satellite and ground-based data to calculate the presence of types of aerosols, tiny solid particles and liquid droplets, as they circulate Earth.
Mapping the Flow of the World’s Plastic Waste
The Ptolemaic Geocentric system
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography