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Relief map of Central Europe,Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean
Countries with territorial disputes with China
The growth of Walmart
The real population of India
Countries through which the equator passes through
Highspeed rail in China 2008 VS 2018
The map of the office from "the office"
Countries that have more international arrivals(tourists) than residents
Relief map of Western America
Washington post's list of most gerry mandered districts
Countries which have hosted the olympic games
Countries with monarchy in Europe
Cloud which looks like the island of Great Britain
Countries in which amazon has a website
Blue area has more muslims than green area
Countries where Kinder eggs are banned
Map of brain drain
Parts of Tokyo compared with US cities based on population
Most commonly used words in the wikipedia page of European Countries
Countries Indiana Jones has visited
Countries where it's legal to escape prison
Ryanair destination map
Night trains in South Asia,South east Asia,China and some other regions
Territories of china over time
Military Conscription by country
There are more US troops in the blue area than the red area
Lights in west Berlin VS east Berlin
World population heat map
Average Jean color in the US by state
Countries with no income tax
Area shaded red has equal population as area shaded blue
Countries which are federations
Countries Emirates flies to
USA divided into three regions of equal population
Night trains in East Asia
Night trains in Africa
Countries where you cannot wear camo
Summer Olympics best medals
Saudi Arabia's new visa policy
Territorial disputes of France
The Mauryan empire at its peak
Countries through which the prime meridian runs through
Brain drain or gain by country
Countries with Uncodified/Unwritten Constitution
Best performance by country in the FIFA world cup
Countries the Dalai lama has been to
States which have hosted the super bowl
Density map of North America
Countries that have Disney+ (as of now,November 2019)
Territories than end with the suffix "stan"
Map of the Seoul metro
Countries which have hosted the paralympic games
Pokemon regions compared to regions in Japan
Fertitlity rate of India by district
Countries where Roblox is banned
Visa Requirements for North Korean citizens
Countries which have a subway/metro/MRT/underground line
Ethno-linguistic groups of Asia ( The Times Atlas of the world-1989 reprint)
Population density map of the world (1994)
Drinking age in states in India
Chinese(ethnic) diaspora
Most consumed alcoholic beverage by country
Legality of Cannabis (Legend in comments)
Countries with a diplomatic mission of North Korea (DPRK)
India's north and south divide in maps
Countries with a smaller population than Uttar pradesh (area in yellow)
Countries which have hosted the FIFA world cup
Countries that were Attacked/Invaded/Occupied by Japan during WW2
The true size of Canada
Countries through which Tropic of Cancer passes through
Blue and red area GDP are same
Spanish speakers by county US
Countries that have Nuclear weapons
Russian diaspora
Rail density by country
India divided in to three (almost) equal populations
Countries which have hosted worlds fairs
Countries where plastic bags are banned
Percentage of Nuclear power generation in overall output of a country
Highest point by country (Metres)
Countries which have had Female heads of state
Countries visited in around the world in 80 days
Winter Olympics best medals
Formula One over the world ( legend in description )
Countries with Casinos/Gambling houses
Countries Russia has territorial disputes with
A map of local trains in Mumbai, 7.5 Million people use it approximately daily
Indian diaspora around the world
Comparison of Bombay ( or mumbai) before and after reclaimation in 1784
Eiffel towers in south America by country
Wyoming valley(Green) has a larger population than the State of Wyoming(Red)
Affirmative action by state
Former and current members of the UN security council
Civilian guns per 100 people
Countries where Singapore airlines and its subsidiaries fly to
Countries where Alibaba doesnt deliver
Countries which have hosted the cricket world cup
Countries which have won Eurovision
Separatist movements in North America
Status of the English language by country
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography