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Amsterdam — minimalistic metro and rail transit diagram
Bratislava — trams and rails September 2019
Sofia/София 🇧🇬 — metro network in 2020 — dark editon ♥️ have fun and constructive feedback is welcome :-)
Beograd/Београд — commuter rail network (city lines) around Belgrade showing all 5 lines of the system. Added transfer info for the city stations (tram, trains). — Enjoy it! Constructive feedback is appreciated!
Copenhagen - future railway, light rail and metro map
Eskişehir - tramway network
Mallorca — trains, trams, metros — in a single - have fun with it!
Minsk/Мінск — complete tram network — also showing the present and planned metro network underneath have fun ♥️
Helsinki - Metro network plus under construction and planned extensions. Dark edition.
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Rail System — retro style — — did it for fun and hope you'll enjoy it too! Constructive feedback is highly welcome! :-)
Trojmiasto (Tricity): Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia 🇵🇱 — urban and suburban rail network — did it last Sunday morning for fun — happy about constructive feedback — enjoy it! :-)
Porto — an alternative try on its metro network — — emphasizing that it is actually only two lines with some branches — the style is inspired by the 1970s RER map design by Rudi Meyer — it's an EXPERIMENT but still constructive feedback is appreciated — enjoy it!
Lisbon — metro and railway — tried to combine geography and schematic — did it for fun — constructive feedback and corrections are appreciated — enjoy it!
Asturias Region - of the Cercanías Asturias network - interestingly it consists of 3 Iberian broad gauge lines (C1 to C3) and 6 meter gauge lines (C4f to C9f; "feve" lines) - did it just for fun - feedback and corrections are welcome - enjoy it!
Nantes - tram and BRT
Bratislava — tram network bright edition
Barcelona — all three tram networks in a single map
San Francisco — Bay Area Rapid Rail Network — projected layout as of summer 1960
Irkutsk/Иркутск — tramway diagram
Mariánské Lázně — bus and trolleybus network 2019
Auckland, NZ - metro/commuter rail, light rail and busways at about 2030s if everything planned will have been built - Have fun :-) Constructive feedback is appreciated.
Sydney — light rail network with connections
Wien/Vienna — route diagram inspired by old 1980s design actually used in trams — tram line 1 in 1984. Did it for fun — hope you have fun too!
Wien/Vienna — Route diagram inspired by old 1970/80s design actually used in trams — tram line T in 1977. Line T was discontinued in 1984 due the construction of the U-Bahn line U3.
Grudziądz - a nice meter gauge tramway network with a main line (route 2) and an occasionally served branch (routes 1 and 3) to the main station and depot - - did it for fun! Constructive feedback is appreciated - Enjoy it! :-)
Bilbao/Bilbo and Vitoria-Gasteiz - tram networks now and planned in an - Did just for fun! Constructive feedback and corrections are appreciated. Enjoy it!
Мінск/Minsk - urban railway network (commuter rail lines) - did it for fun! Constructive feedback is appreciated. Enjoy =)
Firenze/Florence — tramway network — both tramway lines plus train lines and stations in that area. Constructive feedback appreciated. Enjoy it! :-)
Budapest — metro and suburban railways (HÉV) — Wanted to show all lines fully in a single diagram. Geography is omitted and avoided completely. It's only about the relationship between the lines. Did it for fun. Enjoy it. Constructive feedback is welcome.
Mainz - tramway network - - did it purely for fun - enjoy it - constructive feedback is appreciated
Vladivostok - combined trolleybus and tramway - that's what is left of both systems (2 trolleybus lines and 1 tram line) - features a small geographical map for orientation - did it for fun - constructive feedback is appreciated - enjoy it!
Adelaide - - showing trains, trams, O-Bahn as well as P&R and bus and intercity train transfers - did it for fun and hope you will enjoy it - constructive feedback is appreciated.
Milano — possible future metro network in Milano
Wiener Lokalbahnen — interurban tram train service patterns 🌈
Hakodate — tramway and robeway bilingual did it for fun :-) have also fun with it!
Kōchi/高知市 - tramway service patterns
Milwaukee — possible future streetcar network — Did it for fun! Hope you enjoy it too! Constructive feedback welcome (especially about the planned segments) :-)
St. Louis - old unofficial transit diagram dating back to 2017 of the light rail system in St. Louis, Missouri, updated now. Back then included the Delmar Loop Trolley (suspended in the meantime) and connecting intercity services. Constructive feedback appreciated. Enjoy
Liège - soon to be tramway network - - as it still under construction some details may change - did this for fun - corrections and constructive feedback are appreciated - enjoy it!
Charleroi - of the métro léger network with train transfers - did it for fun - enjoy it - corrections and feedback are welcome
West Midlands Light Rail Network - a transit diagram of the line with future extensions shown - did it for fun - constructive feedback and corrections are appreciated - enjoy it! :-)
Graz - planned tramway network (2023) - included are the proposed new lines, all the stations, the existing S-Bahn and Schloßbergbahn - constructive feedback is appreciated - did it for fun - enjoy it!
Staten Island - Vignelli inspired transit showing the Staten Island Rapid Transit lines in 1949. The North and South branches were closed for passenger service in 1953. Added ferry connections for context. Did it for fun, enjoy it! Feedback and corrections are welcome!
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