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States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County
Countries and sub-national jurisdictions that officially recognize the Armenian Genocide
Countries that permit and forbid multiple citizenship
Legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States
Travel bans around the world
UN Population projections for Africa in the year 2100
Where Abortion is Legally Available on Request and for How Long into the Pregnancy
Countries that lost population between 2018 and 2019
How was same-sex marriage legalized?
Fertility rates in Asia, 2016
Most popular video games in the world
Fertility Rates of East Asia
Countries Where Elizabeth II Was Ever Queen
Fertility Rates of South Asia
The Last Time States Voted For A Third Party (since 1856)
Abortion on request gestational limits in the United States
Vaccination exemptions in the United States
Systems of taxation on personal income
Fertility rates in Asia, 2016
The Flight of the Rohingya
States that voted for LBJ (1964) and Carter (1976)
Countries that were projected to lose population in 2020 (UN 2019 Revision)
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