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United States before Louisiana Purchase
Virginia's territorial claims over the years.
Poland divided into two areas with equal population
Birthplaces of Poles that have an article on Polish Wikipedia
Food shortages in Europe, 1918
Common racist talking point is that "Natives had no concept of legal land ownership." In reality, US entered into over 500 treaties with different tribes, all of which have been broken by the US since. Here's map of one of them, broken after US found gold in the Black Hills.
Territorial evolution of Ukraine 1922–54
Uralic Languages
Europe in 1490 (at the end of the reign of King Matthias Cornivus of Hungary)
Monarchies in Europe in 1924
Vilnius, Lithuania in 1581
Population Density Map of Germany and Poland
Map of federations and unitary states in the European Union
Map of European cities ranked by Jewish populations in 1939
Explaining Poland's Ugly Modern Borders
Distribution of population in Poland
Population map of the European Union, 2011
Kingdom of the Isles at the end of 11th century
Ethnographic Map of Europe, 1847
Historical evolution of the Danube Delta (AD 1-2015)
The estates of the most powerful feudal lords of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the turn of the 17th century
Half of Poland's population lives in the area marked red
Historical regions of Poland
Map of countries and first-level subdivisions where the speakers of Turkic languages are the majority.
Classification of sign language families
States of Myanmar in red, regions of Myanmar in white. Both divisions are considered equivalent, the only distinction being that states have large ethnic minority populations and regions are mostly populated by the national majority Burmans.
United States railroads as of 1835
Map of the Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire in 1560
First choice cities in Poland, ie first cities taken into consideration when planning the move
Politics aside, Denmark with Skåneland and Southern Schleswig has a really nice shape.
South Asian Language Families
Map of all lands ruled by the Imperial Electors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1618 | Semi-
This is what Poland actually looked like upon regaining its independence 100 years ago today.
Map of Poland on 1 June 1920 - the most territory controlled by Poland since 1793
Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires Map (1815-1859)
Map of countries of the German Empire
Historical borders of Greater Poland (left) and Lesser Poland (bottom right) compared with modern borders of Poland.
Soviet Central Asia in 1922
Constituent kingdoms within the Republic of Uganda
A map of showing the location of all cities and towns in Poland
Free, Independent, and Strictly Neutral City of Cracow (Kraków) with its Territory
Map of states of India and Pakistan in 1947
Historical European countries at the Olympics
12 signatory nations of the original Geneva Convention in 1864
4 ways to show Western Sahara
Blood donation policies for men who have sex with men
Map of Oklahoma's Tribal Statistical Areas
Map of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1619. Country is divided into: voivodeships, lands and powiats.
Evolution of the Republics of the Soviet Union
Allied army positions on 10 May 1945 in Central Europe
Map of Poland for the commemoration of the passing, by the Prussian Parlament, of the law for the expropriation of Poles , 1910
Map of Republics of the Russian Federation
Administrative Divisions of the People’s Republic of China
Bantustans - Republic of South Africa and South-West Africa, 1973
Ethnic map of Banat - a transnational region between Romania, Serbia and Hungary
Population density per river basin in Europe
Map of territories affected by the Greater Hamburg Act of 1937
Map of Modern Treaty Territories for the First Nations in Canada
The proposed frontiers of Poland / A hand-drawn map which was the appendix no 4 to Roman Dmowski's Memorandum on the territory of Poland submitted to President Woodrow Wilson on 8th Oct 1918.
States and dependencies coloured by observance of International Workers' Day or a different variant of Labour Day
This is how the Province of South Australia and later the state of South Australia looked like from 1863 to 1910
A Map of The Dutchy of Silesia, Drawn from the Best Authorities. 1792
Titular provinces of the Polish-Lithuanian monarchs in the 17th and 18th centuries
Proposals for the Prairie Provinces, 1905
The Grand Divisions of Tennessee
NUTS-1 units of the European Union since 01/01/2018
Tolkien's World in the First Age and in the Second Age
Map of India after the Second Anglo-Maratha War, 1805
Silesians and Germans in Upper Silesian communes of Poland
Ethnic map of Budjak, a region in southern Ukraine
Results of the plebiscite in Upper Silesia 1921
Local autonomies in the Kingdom of Hungary (late 1200s)
Territorial expansion of the city of Łódź, Poland
Designated borders and administrative divisions of Poland as of August 22, 1944. “Recovered Territories” in beige.
Maps of crime rates and religiosity in Poland―with partitions and pre-WWII borders!
Map of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, home of the Turkic nation of Gagauzes, in the Republic of Moldova.
Treaties and Comprehensive Land Claims in Canada
Zonal Associations of the European Volleyball Confederation
Poland regaining its independence in October–December 1918
Number of deputies to the Sejm per voivodeship in Poland-Lithuania
Map of Poland during the reign of Stanisław August in 1772 (map from 1849)
Map of the Warsaw Ghetto (1940-1943) - Where 75 years ago the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising started
American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States
Territorial origin of population in new Polish areas in 1950
Hussite Wars, 1420-1436
"Map of the United States showing the distribution of deaths from diarrheal diseases as compares with total deaths from known causes." Based on the tenth census of the United States, 1880.
Historical division of Mazovia (13th-18th century)
Map of the expansion of the Russian Empire, a Polish map from 1930
Accessible areas map of Myanmar/Burma
Teritorial division of Silesia in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries
Johnson's Map of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland 1862
Map of the The Free, Independent, and Strictly Neutral City of Cracow (Kraków) with its Territory, 1842
Years, matchups and results of first association football internationals for each EUFA country
Map of the Congo Territories under the personal rule of King Leopold II.
Protected Natural Areas in Poland: National Parks (dark green); Landscape Parks (green); Other Protected Areas & Buffer Zones (light green)
Historical borders of Lower and Upper Silesia
Chart showing the locality where seals were taken adjacent to the Commander Islands in 1892 by eight Canadian sealing vessels
MAP of the several Countries thro' which the Ruſſians are to paſs in their March to PRUSSIA (1757)
Map of North America if territories of Canada were shown the same way as overseas territories
Neutral Moresnet, 1816—1919 (condominium on the Belgian/Prussian border): triptych for the Dutch/Flemish 'Boekenweekessay'; a map by /u/jumperjack
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography