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A face made from African Heads of State
US states overlaid on areas of Europe with equal population
All of these blue countries combined had the same number of homicides as Brazil last year
The unequal representation of /r/Earthporn - Mapping the All Time top 250 posts
A face made from North American Governors and Premiers
A face made from Asian heads of state
The Taiga - Earth's largest land biome
Areas of Europe as US states of equal GDP, as well as corresponding cities
Vatican inside Monaco inside Liechtenstein inside Barbados inside Luxembourg inside Qatar inside Belgium inside Iceland inside Gabon inside Kenya inside Bolivia inside Algeria inside Australia... with room to drive around
The most significant face of each English county and London borough
Number of Terrorist Attacks in 2017 by Country
The world divided into areas with the same GDP PPP as China
Map of British Fashion
Map of British fashion brands
Nationalities of the 100 most important people in the world, according to the editors of Time Magazine
Universities in Central London
Countries reached by BBC News in one of their official languages (de jure or de facto) - 468 million people use the BBC each week
Europe divided into areas with the same GDP as London
Central London Museums
UK for beginners
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
log your aails
boater's atlas
boat atlas