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I found an old atlas at my grandaunts house. The South Pole is still "unerforscht", which means unexplored. Andrees Handatlas, 1914.
My grandfathers went to school in Switzerland in the 1930/40s but used a german school atlas. The school publishing house oversticked the racist nazi terms.
Found an old atlas at my grandaunts home: Every country of Africa is colonized, except Ethiopia. orange=German, red=English, brown=French, dark green=Italian, Green=Italian,... Andrees Handatlas 1914.
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Europe before WW I.
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Southeastern Europe: Austria-Hungary still exists, Transsilvania didnt belong to Romania, Bulgaria had access to the mediteranean sea, Macedonia and Kosovo belonged to Serbia, and Moldova belonged to Russia.
Andrees Handatlas 1914: The Ottoman Empire before its downfall in 1922. No wonder there is a lot of war in this region, the borders are completely different.
Andrees Handatlas 1914: North America; small card: spreading of black people in America (racist German term)
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Persia, Afghanistan, Balochistan. Turkestan belonged to China, but was de facto autonom. The "countries" Buchara and Chiwa were just regions around some these cities.
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Shipping Lines
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Das Deutsche Reich: Including Elsass, Lothringen, Schlesien, Posen, Pommern, West-, Ostpreussen, Memelland and Nordschleswig.
Found an old atlas at my grandaunts house. The south pole is still "unerforscht", which means unexplored. Andrees Handatlas 1914.
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