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Relief map of San Marino.
Change in Pornhub traffic in the US during the recent eclipse.
Deception island is considered one of the safest harbors in the antarctic, but true to its name, there is more than meets the eye to the island, as its also the caldera of an active volcano which has erupted no less than three times during the last century.
Countries where the tap water is guaranteed to be drinkable according to CDC data. (2014)
Children's Map of the United States.
German map of prominent viking raids, settlements and landings between 800 and 1050 AD.
Logarithmic map of the observable universe based on objects proximity to earth - a map of booth time and space.
Plan map of the solar system from 1846 that includes 'Vulcan', a hypothetical planet whose existence was supposed to explain several peculiarities in Mercury's orbit but was later disproved.
Updated version of earth place in the observable universe.
Extremely detailed ethno-linguistic map of Africa and surrounding regions.
Ethno-linguistic map of Europe from 1938.
Various languages equivalent of 'it's all Greek to me'.
Major volcanic eruptions during the last 2,000 years and selected eruptions during the last 2 million years.
Gerard De Jode's map of the world. From 1564.
Egypt during the third Third Intermediate Period ~ 800 BC. After the death of Ramesses XI, the end of the New Kingdom/Egyptian Empire and the Bronze age Collapse.
Distribution of Maori speakers in New Zealand. (2013 Census, key in comments)
The routes of Sir Ernest Shackleton's doomed Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, where his goal was to walk across the entire continent. Key in comments.
Filming location's of the Lord of the ring movie's on a map of New Zealand in the style of the one in the books.
Global distribution of leprosy in 1891.
Climate and vegetation during the last glacial period/ice age. By u/locoluis.
Cultures and migration paths during the late Eurasian bronze age. (~900 to 600 BC)
Assumed continental drift in the coming 250 million years.
International number ones. What countries in the world leads in. (2016/17 edition).
Tourist map of Greater Vancouver from 1936.
Map of the path taken by the Lunokhod 1 rover superimposed over an photo from the LRO. Lunokhod (moon walker) 1 was the first Remote controlled vehicle to ever successfully land on an astronomical object. (Original map in comments)
Regional map of Scandinavia and modern day Finland from 1799.
Debris crash site of the 1979 Skylab reentry. Thousands of pieces from the 170,000 pound space station impacted the Australian outback with 38 of them weighing over a 1000 pounds each.
Postcode map of Europe
The voyage of HMS Challenger during what's often considered the first ever Oceanographic expedition. The expedition resulted in the cataloging of over 4,000 previously unknown species, as well as the discovery of the depth that would later bear the ship's name. 1872-1876
1645 map of Moscow, Russia and surrounding regions. By the Dutch cartographers Willem and Joan Blaeu.
South East Asia, by Giacomo Gastaldi. 1580.
Zones of civilization/cultural influence map of the Balkans from 1918.
Map of the gardens and part of the city surrounding Palace of Versailles. Dated 1724.
Map of the Antarctic Region from 1912-22. Also Includes the routes of several expeditions to the continent.
"Bowles New And Accurate Map Of The World" (and a lot of other stuff) from 1780.
"Greater italy" in november of 1942. Green lines are occupied territories and not (yet) annexed. Red is British.
2019 Natural gas map of Europe by the GIE.
2017 sulphur dioxide air pollution map.
Europe in 900 AD (map from 1911). Also showing prominent raiding patterns from Magyars, Vikings/Varangians and Saracens (Arabs/Muslims).
The fall of Assyria/Rise of Babylonia war. Lasting roughly between 626 and 609 BC it was pretty much the world war of the ancient world.
Diversity in the USA - From 1940 by the Council Against Intolerance in America.
Nationalistic biased ethnographic map of Hungary in 1910, which was used by the Hungarian delegation at the Treaty of Trianon.
Hypothetical sketch of the monophylitic origin and of the diffusion of the "12 varieties of men". Based on the now discredited theory of "Lemuria", a land bridge that once supposedly connected Australia, India and Indonesia/Australia. By James F. Queen 1824 to 1889.
And here, we have a prime example of an "What the hell were they thinking when they designed this thing???" map.
Map of geological provinces of the world also showing the true sizes of continents.
Pray for the persecuted. Info-graphic by release international highlighting various forms of persecutions Christians face around the world.
Bauxite mining (top) compared to aluminium oxide production of the World in 2005.
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