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All The Land in the Solar System
Most common language other than English or Spanish in the USA
White Population in America 2010 - 2030
Whites in America
current and former heads of state and rulers of polish descent OC
Whites in South America
Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Map
Which States Has the Most National Parks ? OC
Which State Has The Most Mountains ?
U.S Population in 2050 OP
Brazil and Africa at the same latitude
Size of Countries in Europe (in kmĀ²) OC
White Births in America
20 Largest Economies in 2030
Black people in the USA by state
43 Million people VS 1343 million people
% of immigrants from Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Non Hispanic Whites in America 1970 and 2012
Worst Serial Killers by Country OP
Polish GDP vs African GDP
Most Prominent Mountains of the USA
Mexicans in America
The 2016 Election Map
Academic Achievement by State
Sexual Harassment in Europe
Jewish America
Which Country is the Most Racist ?
Republican and Democratic States
**Wealth Inequality in the United States**
Racial Map of Los Angeles Area, Blue = White, Orange = Hispanic, Asian = Red, Green = Black
% of population Increase which was white
The G20 Reimagined
Liberal Bias on Reddit
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
log your aails
boater's atlas
boat atlas