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Indianapolis light rail + streetcar system, 1916
Los Angeles's proposed subway and busway system, 1955
Kansas City light rail system, 1923
Proposed Seattle subway which was voted down, 1970
St. Louis, Missouri subway proposal, 1926 (oc)
alaska state ferry system
Proposed subway system for Metropolitan Atlanta, 1962
Cleveland light rail system, 1898 (oc)
Boston rapid transit, 1967
The 1957 plan to extend the NYC subway into New Jersey
Rochester, NY subway system, 1929 (oc)
Proposed Philadelphia subway expansion, 1984
the star wars original trilogy, drawn as mass transit maps
San Juan, Puerto Rico subway proposal, 1979
Planned California High Speed Rail
Seattle streetcar system, 1896
Chicago Elevated Railways, 1921 (oc)
Detroit streetcar system, 1950
Chicago "L" rapid transit and connecting railways
Alaska state ferry system, 2018
the plot of star wars, if it were the nyc subway
Los Angeles streetcar system, 1926
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
freeways of greater los angeles
1817 Spanish map of what would become the Western U.S. and northern Mexico
NYC, 1846
Industrial Map of New York City Showing Manufacturing Industries - 1922
alaska marine highway system
San Francisco cable car system, 1892 (OC)
Los Angeles's failed subway plan, 1968, vs. Los Angeles' rapid transit plan for 2028
The plot of Hamlet meets a mass transit map (oc)
los angeles metro
NYC subway map (oc)
New Jersey passenger railways (OC)
washington metro
Proposed NYC subway system expansion, 1939
The Pony Express, 1860
Denver, Colorado streetcar system, 1933 (oc)
Map of the Caucasus, 1856
Detroit freeways
Geographically correct map of the Chicago Elevated rapid transit system (oc)
Los Angeles International Airport
Geographically correct map of the Chicago "L"
Alaska's state ferry system in 2018
taipei metro
Freeway system of Sacramento, CA
the star wars original trilogy meets the london underground map
Map of the All-Water Route from the Mississippi to New York & the Eastern Atlantic, 1885
Baltimore proposed subway system, 1968
Buffalo, NY light rail, 1910
Los Angeles monorail system proposal, 1954
Boston's subway expansion plan, 1945
Planned Puerto Rico rapid transit system, 1972
Brooklyn rapid transit, 1912
Metro of Caracas, Venezuela
alexandria county, virginia, 1878
Metro Manila Rapid Transit
Whimsical map of California, 1946 (os)
Boston rapid transit, 1925
A subway map no one asked for: what if NYC had named its subway stations after landmarks like London, instead of streets?
Gangs of Brooklyn, NY, 1974
San Francisco International Airport
manhattan subway map, 1939
LA freeways, drawn like a subway map
Vancouver SkyTrain rapid transit
Detroit United Railway Interurban Lines, 1904
Toronto subway
manhattan subway lines, 1939
The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex's light rail system in 1925
In 1959, the mayor of New Orleans was pushing the city to build a space-age transportation solution to get to the airport: the monorail. Like the Simpsons episode, it was probably a bad idea; unlike the Simpsons episode, the City Council killed the project before construction started.
Defenses of Washington DC in the American Civil War, 1864
New York City's subway expansion plan, 1968
Detroit light rail
Philadelphia rapid transit and regional rail
Seattle rapid transit (xpost from r/seattle)
In 1979, Miami proposed to build a massive Metrorail system modeled after the Washington DC Metro. Most of it was never built, after it came out that the original projections were wildly overoptimistic.
Even smaller communities used to have light rail systems before World War 2. This 1938 example is from Marin County, CA, north of San Francisco, population 45,000. Passenger service was only restored two years ago, after a 75 year hiatus.
Montreal subway proposal, 1953 (OC)
Cincinnati light rail system, 1912
Los Angeles Yellow Cars, July 1942
Suburban railway lines of Oakland, CA and the East Bay, 1927
Los Angeles Rapid Transit, 2028 (planned)
The freeway system vs. the subway system of Atlanta
Map of the trolleys of the San Francisco Municipal Railway, 1940
Proposed LA Subway, 1968
Caracas Airport, Venezuela
Washington, DC's horse-powered streetcar system, 1880.
Washington, DC's streetcar system, 1880
Phoenix's never-built rapid transit system, 1989
Tampa, FL streetcar system, 1920
Toronto's first subway plan, 1910 (oc)
New Orleans streetcar system, 1945 (oc)
Columbus, Ohio, streetcar system, 1939
i drew a map of new york's steam-powered rapid transit system in 1899.
Rapid transit and freeways of Silicon Valley
Toronto Subway map redesign
Diagrammatic map of the Appalachian Trail, Maine section (oc)
In the early 20th century, electric companies ran light rail systems. This is a map of the lost Sacramento, CA streetcars run by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. PG&E still exists, the trains don't. (oc)
Cleveland proposed subway system, 1955
NYC's highway system drawn in the style of its subway map (oc)
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boat parts and history
marine life photography