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hair colours in human populations before european expansion
German propaganda the year after the end of the World War 1914-1918
Territoriality of languages in Switzerland - Territorialité des langues en Suisse
Geographical Egypt in 1818 by Jacotin Pierre
yes ! a cartography for the blind exists, it is in relief and in Braille...
Dunkirk ou Dunkerque en 1713 ( plan Royer )
Relief plan of Grenoble ( France ) 1838
Venise - Venice - Venetia by Johannes Blaeu in 1704
detailed gastronomic and wine map of France by Antoine Bourguignon in 1932 -
Paris in 1618 - plan Mérian - 5315 x 3543 ( without Tour Eiffel... ) :-D
Strait of Gibraltar ( Détroit de Gibraltar )
Geology of France ( carte géologique de la France ) 5038 x 4687
carte de la France gastronomique en 1920
map of world : puzzle Ravensburger
the world
Paris, the site of the World Exposition in 1900 and now in 2018
Geology of Europe ( 4840 x 4960 )
Geology of Africa
mining potential of metropolitan France ( BRGM - 2016 )
territories concerned by witchcraft trials in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries
Map of France " Cassini " - Louis XIV -
carte statistique de la France en 1846
satirical map of France by Robida - 1880 -
France as drawn by Ernest Dudley Chase in 1935 -
tourisme fluvial : le réseau navigable en France (2017 ) /// river tourism : the navigable network in France (2017)
who makes the weapons and buys them ( map 2014 )
the fortifications of Paris in 1841 ( les fortifications de Paris en 1841 ) - 4500x2900x200ppp
School map of Switzerland (1902) - Carte scolaire de la Suisse (1902)
Panorama of the Suez canal - 1869 -
Hydric stress projections in 2040 - Stress hydrique, projections en 2040
marine map of all european ports on the ocean and the Mediterranean by BEREY in 1700 (Louis XIV )
detailed map of Vesuvius, Pompeii and Naples in 1794 by Rizzi Zannoni
if you come on holiday in the Pyrenees in France, don't forget to bring your gold panning equipment
14 August 2019: Chinese army at the gates of Hong Kong
map of the french-spanish siege (1779 - 1783) of british Gibraltar during the American War of Independence
la forêt mythique et mystique de Brocéliande - Haute Bretagne - France - ( carte hivernale )
Map of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the North-East Atlantic Ocean by Jacopo Maggiolo -1563-
France in relief (1896) by Diercke & Gaebler - 4500x3800pxx300ppp -
Nagasaki - Rome - Nagasaki ( 1582 - 1590 ) - Portugal and its counters
The city of Toledo by the Spanish painter El Greco: the modern marriage of map and landscape ( 1610-1614)
Share of transactions in old real estate in France by non-resident foreigners and division by nationality ( 2007-2017 )
the french invasion ( 1793 ) - a satirical map
Deaths from prostate cancer in EUROPE regions ( 2014-2016 ) : prostate cancer was the cause of 3% of all male deaths and 10% of all male cancer-related deaths.
department of the Seine (France) in 1856 par Victor Levasseur
Strait of Gibraltar and the Isle of Cadiz erected on the spot by P. Santini in 1782
mapping of maritime areas in Météo France's "large" bulletins
Europe: border changes between 1914 and 2008 ( Europe : modifications des frontières entre 1914 et 2008 )
Carte de la Nouvelle France : Canada et Louisiane (1755 ) -
the World Map Gear by Robin Petit et Guillaume Monnot
the map of the most visited cemetery in the world: Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris
The world tour at a glance (1876) - 4500x3400px - ( Le tour du monde en un clin d’œil )
world atlas of 1582 by the cartographer and cosmographer Joan Martines
France : carte combinée pesticides - glyphosate - décès cancer -centrales nucléaires
vue panoramique de LYON ( France ) en 1894
physical France and Spain in 1851 by E. Winckelmann insets showing comparative mountain heights
Atlantic ocean map part ( 4000x2500x300ppp )
World Seismicity 1976-2011 ( Sismicité Mondiale )
Le tour du Mont-Blanc par Charles Vallot - 1938 -
French site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017
Epidemic and emerging disease alerts in the Pacific as of 17 June 2019
a century ago to the day, August 31, 1919 : what the American army's work has been since the United States entered the war
itineraries of the main explorers of Africa - itinéraires des principaux explorateurs de l'Afrique
Death's by non-communicable diseases in the world - 2015 - Décès par maladies non-transmissibles dans le monde
Geographical map (1700) of the Great River and the Empire of the American Amazon / 1: 13,700,000 approx. ) by Joseph de Mendoza Sandoval, Sebastian Fernandez de Medrano and Jacques Harrewyn
Map of Hollywood - Showing Principal Streets and Places of Interest - 1928 by Godwin Harrison - 3600x3200px300ppp
a mix ( personal) of several data about : The trip around the island of Cuba in 1885 by Miahle
the 13 covers ( out of 895) of ASTOUNDING-ANALOG where a representation of the Earth appears
16 avril 2019
Amateur Radio Map : create your own map with QTH at amateur radio stations
1669 - Magnificent detailed map of the royal channel of communication of the seas in Languedoc-Pyrénées (France) - by Andreossy
Thomas Hood's Celestial Charts in 1590
17 November 2018: map of roadblocks in France by the "yellow vests" following the increase in fuel taxes
Map of the world on face
scoop: a second Earth emerges from the flat black hole like a pizza / une seconde Terre ressort du trou noir plate comme une pizza
NOTRE-DAME de PARIS le 15 avril 2019
the rights of the child in the world in 2018
France in units of measurement out of the 13 largest country in the world ( map made by myself - August 30, 2019 )
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography